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The Elehouse: Is it Studentworthy?!

StudentWorthy usually challenges one of Trident Media’s team to try then review a service on offer at the University of Hertfordshire, like we’ve done previously with Breakout!, but we realised there was something it was missing: YOU! That’s not a threat: what we mean is, wouldn’t finding out something’s student-worthiness incorporate the actual voices of our university’s community? Of course, it would, which is why we changed it up this time around, and went on a long quest

Surveying UH students about catcalling

By Robert Wheatley – Health and Innovation editor Trident Media has previously written about the subject of street harassment, with Wharfe showing that most respondents had not only been negatively affected by the experience and had a negative perception of it, but most had disturbingly experienced it before the age of 16; under the age of consent. Catcalling can be in the form of comments about a person’s physical appearance, wolf-whistling, and physical gestures that are ul

Things I wish I did during first year

Image: Bryony Wharfe [Danielle Smith | Contributing Writer] Joining university can be a scary choice to make, especially not knowing what to expect or who to meet. We conducted a survey asking first-year University of Hertfordshire what they wish they had done during their first year of university. One student*  said: “I wish I spent less money on going out.” Most students hit this question every night that they go out, but due to having that extra freedom, you are most likel

60 per cent of students satisfied with accommodation maintenance and services

Image: Tobi Olasupo [Aaron Hurst | Contributing Writer] A recent survey by Trident Media has shown that students are generally satisfied with their university’s housing services regarding maintenance and responses to issues. Over 60 per cent expressed satisfaction towards the maintenance of their accommodation, with a similarly sized proportion of participants stating that they were satisfied with the services provided by staff regarding issues with their accommodation. These

Mental Health Survey Results

Image: Pixabay [Robert Wheatley | Lifestyle Editor] In July, a survey was released to assess how commonplace mental health issues were, and the effect mental health issues had on things like employment, university life, and how often sufferers were affected by mental health symptoms. Participants were anonymous, and were able to, with permission, ask people they knew to answer on their behalf. Though 81 per cent of the 100 responses spoke of their own mental health, 16 per ce

Employers rate Herts among best in the UK

Image: Pixabay [Aaron Hurst | Contributing Writer] The results of a survey conducted by Times Higher Education showed that the University of Hertfordshire is among the top 50 universities for employment of graduates by employers in the business, IT and engineering sectors. Surveyors from Times Higher Education also discovered that the specific skills that a candidate possesses, as well as professional experience and the subject area that the candidate specialises in, are the

University of Hertfordshire Accommodation Survery

Welcome to the Trident Media Accommodation Survey! We’d like to gauge your opinions regarding accommodation at the University of Hertfordshire. One random respondent will win a £20 Amazon gift voucher. All responses will remain anonymous so please answer honestly. For reference, ULiving@Hertfordshire is the organisation that own and run all on-campus University of Hertfordshire accommodation. TAKE THE SURVEY HERE #University #Accommodation #Campus #herts #UniversityofHertford

Survey: Have you, or has someone else you know, been affected by mental health?

[Robert Wheatley | Lifestyle Editor] According to the Mental Health Foundation, 1 in 4 people will experience a kind of mental health issue within a year, and worldwide it is estimated that mental health affects more than 450 million people. This is significant, and makes it more unfortunate that those with mental health issues are still facing stigma, from the media’s harsh labelling and stereotyping of moderate mental health disorders, to those facing issues gaining employm

Out now: BlueMoon Sex, Love & Relationships Issue

We’ve turned up the heat for the latest issue of BlueMoon magazine, featuring sex, love & relationships. Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s ideas, want to see some weird and wonderful sex toys, or know your inner sex animal, you’ve come to the right place! #Love #Porn #Quiz #ValentinesDay #Survey #Sex #Relationships #BlindDate

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