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Disadvantaged students significantly more likely to live at home while studying at university

By Zoe Fripp A recent study conducted by Sutton Trust has found that disadvantaged students are more than three times as likely to live at home and commute to university, compared to people from wealthier backgrounds. Sutton Trust aims to improve social mobility in the UK and conducted the research for this purpose. They have found that “Student mobility is a major factor in the higher education access gap, as students’ access to the best universities can be limited without t

Trident Tips: 5 Tips to Settle into UH as an International Student

By Mia Batrisyia Moving away is difficult. Even more so, if it’s to another country and you are on your own. You leave the comfort of your friends and family, home cooked food and a familiar language. I share these concerns as I’m an international student myself. I’ve always been spoilt and pampered by my parents so settling in wasn’t a simple task, but the experience living and learning in UH has taught me many life lessons that have helped me. So, here are five Trident Tips

We’ve Landed In The Top 2.1% For World University Rankings!

By Robert Wheatley The University of Hertfordshire has been designated the 575th place of over 27,000 universities worldwide and 42nd in the UK by the CWUR World University Rankings. CWUR is the largest academic ranking of global universities, and out of 27,770 of their evaluated higher education institutions, we made it into the top 2.1%, meaning our quality of education and training of students, along with the achievements of our researchers and faculty have been recognised

5 Top Tips To Maintain Good Mental Health At University

By Pelumi Agboola It’s about three weeks in and Freshers has passed, lectures have kicked off, assignments and reading are flying your way, you’ve only just recovered from the dreaded fresher’s flu, and you’re feeling very overwhelmed. Sound familiar? Well, if you’re like me and many others, the thought of lectures make you feel anxious, and deadlines just seem too close, which gives you a lot of stress. Whether you’re a first year, a second year, or even a Master’s or intern

Students of UH: Callie Watling

We’ve all seen the amazing Humans of New York stories. Some sad, some happy. All inspiring. In fact, so inspiring that I decided to embark on a journey to do the same but with the students at the University of Hertfordshire. However, the creator of Humans of New York, Brandon Stanton, according to an interview he gave with CNN, did not originally set out to tell people’s stories: “The approach to the concept started out purely as [a] photography blog. In the first year, I was

VC says choice of accommodation ‘skewed’

By Oliver Price – News Manager The University of Hertfordshire’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Quintin McKellar, has said that the choice of living arrangements for first year students is ‘skewed’. When Trident Media asked Professor McKellar what he thought of the high rent of University of Hertfordshire accommodation, he said: “Students have choice. If they would prefer to rent a house in Welwyn Hatfield, they can.” However, when pressed on the true nature of choice that first

Fine Art Students Host Annual Exhibition

By Aaron Hurst – News Editor From the 27th January to the 2nd February, the School of Creative Arts’ Level 5 Fine Art Students put together their annual exhibition inside the university’s art gallery. The exhibition, named ‘REPOSITION/COLLISION’, displayed intentionally contrasting works of art that reflected particular major events that occurred in the last year. The term ‘reposition’ in the exhibition’s name represented Britain voting to leave the European Union and the con

NUS Hold Regional Network Events Across Country

Aaron Hurst – News Editor From the 6th-21st October, the NUS held seven regional network events across the country in an aim to bring students from various universities together to make positive changes to the higher education system. The events, which were organised by NUS President Malia Bouattia, were set up in the lead up to the union’s national demonstration on the 19th November. Bouattia, who attended the network events along with the union’s Vice-President Union Develo

A Commentary on ‘Where is the Love?’

Written by Inderpal Matharu, Charles Smith & James Cantwell ‘Where is the love?’ is the unanswerable question, asked by many. As the world is full of turmoil, the rerelease of the timeless classic comes as no surprise; with saying that the remake was inspired by the recent tragic events in the world. The power, popularity and persuasiveness of music, opens our eyes to the worldwide suffering. “Where is the love?” This is the kind of unanswerable question which can b

New Science Building Open Now!

By Aaron Hurst- News Editor The highly anticipated Science Building on College Lane has opened in time for this academic year. It has been constructed in place of the CP Snow building, and will provide a new home for both the School of Pharmacy, and the School of Life Sciences. As well as hosting new social spaces and classes for those schools, this new addition to College Lane’s infrastructure possesses the most up-to-date teaching and research facilities, while being as env

How to avoid Fresher’s flu?!

by Aimone- Head of Editorial What is freshers’ flu I hear you say?! Well the urban dictionary, also known as an essential tool for University students, describes the freshers’ flu as: “When people come together at the start of term bringing with them germs from all over the country. The result is a form of cold or cough or general feeling of illness”…. accurate?! See for yourself! We have racked our brains to find the perfect guide to be germ free… or at least try. Brace your

Holiday Destinations for Students on a Budget

Image: Ayo Busari [Mohammed Ayo Busari | Contributing Writer] Whether you’re looking for a quick beach relaxation, or you want to explore somewhere that is a bit calm with the best meals than your usual Mcdonalds in The Galleria (a perfectly respectable alternative), we have sourced the globe for the cheapest holiday choices for 2016. #1 São Paulo, Brazil. São Paulo, a place to learn the salsa dance. It is the largest city in South America. The cuisine and art is as multinati

Herts students featured on UNILAD

Shelby Loasby | VP Communications & Media Do you remember Badger Way? If not, you can read the article about Herts own rising Youtube Stars here. If you’re lazy and didn’t click on that link let me remind you. Badger Way are a YouTubing duo making some of the most random, catchy videos out there. They make comedic music videos about anything from Tomatoes and Pizza, to parodies about ‘It’s just a Prank Bro,’ and Netflix. Since we last caught up with the boys, they have releas

LinkedIn: Dos and Don’ts

Image: Pixabay [Raymond Adekolu | Contributing Writer] Have you ever wondered what to do on LinkedIn, to maximize your success in connecting with others? In what follows, you with discover the five mistakes people make on LinkedIn that are killing their success when connecting with others, and five things that you can adopt to improve your success in connecting with others. 1) Do: have a professional profile picture I know this sounds like common sense, but it seems as though

Exam revision tips!

Disclaimer “Swen: The Backward News” is a satirical news column. Any articles associated with Swen are of fiction and constitute as fake news. Any resemblance to the truth or actual facts or to reality is purely coincidental. [Robert Wheatley | Lifestyle Editor] Maybe you’re already in the midst of exams, or they’re coming up soon, we all tend to have some difficulties buckling down and getting our revision done. Maybe assignments are getting in the way, or part-time work, or

Top seven revision tips

Image: Unsplash – Jazmin Quaynor [Danielle Smith | Contributing Writer] We all know studying for exams is stressful, but by following these simple and easy tips your exam period will slowly become stress-free Image: Unsplash – Jeff Sheldon 1. Make a revision timetable (and stick to it!) I know that this may seem tedious and boring, but having a good structured revision timetable will help you manage your different modules into what you may need to revise the most. 2. Make sum

Malia Bouattia Elected NUS President

Image: National Union of Students UK [Aaron Hurst | Contributing Writer] The National Union of Students’ Presidential Elections have concluded, with Malia Bouattia toppling former president Megan Dunn by 372 votes to Dunn’s 328 and being elected for the highest role in British student politics. The election took place at the annual NUS conference at the Brighton Centre in Brighton. Bouattia, who vowed at the conference to put “liberation at the heart of [the NUS’s] work,” wil

How the 2016 Tory budget will affect you

Image: Pixabay [Oliver Price | News Manager] George Osborne, The Chancellor of the Exchequer, has recently announced his second budget of this Conservative government. Not everything in the budget is directly relevant to students, so Trident Media have collated the most important facts about the budget that relate to student life. Sugar tax Jamie Oliver will surely be pleased with this legislation as he has been campaigning for this for a very long time. The government has de

Trident Film Festival Shortlist announced!

Shelby Loasby | Head of Print Budding film makers, actors, cinematographers, and animators have a lot to look forward to next Monday, 21st March. The Trident Film Festival is hosting it’s very first awards night in The Forum, and after over two hours of footage being submitted to the judging team on Thursday, a shortlist of some of the best student films has been made. Students from the University of Hertfordshire entered some of their best work to be judged for the following

The scrapping of maintenance grants exemplifies Tory policy

Image: Tobi Olasupo The opinions expressed here are the author’s own, and are not endorsed by Trident Media of Hertfordshire Students’ Union [Oliver Price | News Manager] Over 600,000 students in England receive nearly two billion pounds in maintenance grants between them. On Friday 15th of January, it took less than two hours for just ten out of eighteen MPs to scrap them. While scrapping grants is a bad idea (more to come later), first it must but said that how the Conserva