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Another UH Student Wins Prize at Information Technology Awards

By Zoe Fripp A student from the University of Hertfordshire has been awarded the silver prize at the 2018 Worshipful Company of Information Technologies (WCIT) Information Technology Awards, making it the second year in a row the prize has gone to a student from the University. The awards are given out each year to give recognition to outstanding UK undergraduate and postgraduate IT students. Universities are encouraged to nominate a student candidate, providing a written cit

We’ve Landed In The Top 2.1% For World University Rankings!

By Robert Wheatley The University of Hertfordshire has been designated the 575th place of over 27,000 universities worldwide and 42nd in the UK by the CWUR World University Rankings. CWUR is the largest academic ranking of global universities, and out of 27,770 of their evaluated higher education institutions, we made it into the top 2.1%, meaning our quality of education and training of students, along with the achievements of our researchers and faculty have been recognised

Antidepressants Gave Me My Life Back, And That’s Not A Bad Thing

This article was originally written for The Odyssey Online and has been posted here with the author’s permission. I’d had enough of the constant nerves riddling my mind, the constant sickness in my stomach and the fogginess that would creep up on me. In all honesty, I had given up on my therapy. Not because my counselor was bad — she was excellent — but in a state of anxiety and depression coupled with panic attacks, it felt impossible to focus on the tasks given in my cognit

What’s On At UH? Rock & Roll Bingo

By Tom Boon Every other Tuesday, the Elehouse hosts its popular Rock and Roll Bingo. Everybody knows what bingo is, but this one has a surprising twist: the numbers are replaced with songs. Trident Media gave it a go during the weekly pub quiz last Sunday, and we were pleasantly surprised with the ease of recognising the songs. There was a mixture of current popular songs, some nostalgic, cheesy hits, and a few classic oldies. I cannot describe how excited we were to hear J-L

Student Spotlight: Tom Boon

Student Spotlight interviews undergraduates, postgraduates and other academics about their schooling achievements, be it studying abroad, running a society or finishing a work placement. Employers aren’t just looking for a degree and a good mark: work experience, according to UCAS, is sought out by two-thirds of employers when looking for graduates, to ensure they have a greater understanding of their chosen field. Some university courses even require it, so getting on top of

President of Herts Students’ Union: Rent strikes could happen

By Oliver Price – News Manager In an exclusive interview with Trident Media, Grainne O’Monghain, the President of HSU, has revealed that she has warned ULiving, the company who run accommodation on College Lane Campus, that rent strikes will happen in response to high rents at the University of Hertfordshire. When asked what her response would be, if students decided to go stop paying their rent or go on a rent strike, she said: “To ULiving it would be, I told you it was goin

Letting Agent Fee Ban Declared in Autumn Statement

By Aaron Hurst – News Editor On the 23rd November, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced in his first ever Autumn Statement that administration fees charged by estate and letting agents across the country were to be banned ‘as soon as possible.’ During what was announced to be Chancellor Hammond’s last Autumn Statement as he is abolishing it altogether, he declared letting agent fees as ‘wrong’, before stating that ‘landlords should meet their fees.’ This announcement is bound

The Perks of Being International

By Aimone Sharif- Head of Print The language is different, the fashion is different, the food is different, and nevertheless being an international in the UK and at University of Hertfordshire in particular is one of the best experiences ever. September 2014 was the first time I stepped foot in Hatfield; it was boiling (ironically) and full of lost students grateful for their parent’s presence and a mountain worth of suitcases by their side. I, on the other hand was queuing b

The Honest Student

By Jake Borrett – Contributing Writer University can be challenging, but it can be harder if you have a disability. I have Crohn’s disease and dyspraxia. If you told me five years ago I would have graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in September 2016 with a First-class honours in English Literature and Creative Writing, I would not have believed you. It was stressful at times having to balance assignments and socialising, not only with my health but also having a f

What’s happening to students’ mental health?

Image: Pixabay [April Wilson | TV Director] With the threat of a hike in tuition fees (again) and increased competition in the job market, it appears that the pressure on students is continuing to rise. What toll does this take on students’ mental health? Student Stress While starting university can be an exciting experience, it is also a very stressful time for students. Many students will have never lived away from home before or have never been apart from their family for

Student Showcase: Jamie McComb, third-year VFX student

Image: Robert Wheatley [Robert Wheatley | Lifestyle Editor] The University of Hertfordshire was one of the highest ranking universities in the world for its Visual Effects (VFX) course in 2015, and is still one of the highest rated courses in the UK. The students on the course have worked with many high profile companies and organisations including the BBC’s 2010 Olympics presentation and The Mill. Trident Media spoke to Jamie McComb, a third year VFX student about his experi

Elections in Photos – Day 8

Today has seen the likes of ducks, ferrets, meerkats and skunks all in the name of student representation. The Students’ Union have put on a petting zoo all for students, giving candidates the greatest opportunity to go and chat to students about their manifestos. Here’s a preview and all the photos can be found on our facebook page at TridentMediaUK This slideshow requires JavaScript. #University #Students #UniversityofHertfordshire #StudentsUnion #UH #Hertfordshire #Student

Elections 2016: Vice President Student Activities Videos

[April Wilson | Elections Team] The Elections Team offered interviews to candidates on a first-come first-served basis, as slots were limited. Trident Media ( talked to some of the candidates running for the Vice President Student Activities role to get an insight into what their policies are and why they think they’re suitable for the role. And also who they regard as their biggest competition! Candidates for Vice President Student Activities this year are a

Elections 2016: Vice President Democracy & Services Videos

[April Wilson | Elections Team] The Elections Team offered interviews to candidates on a first-come first-served basis, as slots were limited. Trident Media ( talked to some of the candidates running for the Vice President Democracy and Services role to get an insight into what their policies are and why they think they’re suitable for the role. And also who they regard as their biggest competition! Candidates for Vice President Democracy and Services this ye

Students Comment on SU Elections

[Laura Slingo & Tom Boon | Elections Team] On Monday 7th March, the fourth day of voting, Trident Media went around College Lane and de Havilland campuses to see what students made of the SU Elections. Of everybody that wanted to talk on camera, all knew about the Elections occurring. Some of the people seemed excited, whilst others did not seem to care. Tom Rowe, a second year film student commented: “Compared to last year, when I was a first year, I think it’s a bit more en

Student entrepreneur Ruth Thompson of Kawaii Studios

[Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor] University of Hertfordshire’s third-year Mass Communications student, Ruth Thompson, is doing the impossible. She is successfully juggling a degree, a business, and a YouTube channel. Recently, we spoke to her about her business, Kawaii Studios, and how she manages to stay sane as a super-busy, self-employed student. TM: Tell us a bit about yourself and the course you do at UH. RT: Okay, so I’m Ruth. I come from Surrey and I do Mass Commun

Student Stir Fry

Georgia Porter | Contributing Writer It’s time to put down those take away menus and ready meals! This student stir fry is a quick, delicious and nutritious main meal; just what you need after a long day of lectures! Some of the ingredients will keep well in your cupboard for a long length of time, so not only does this save you the regular long trek to Aldi or Asda, it saves you money too. Portion control is an issue when students start to cook for themselves; this recipe gi

Freshers’ Fair UnionTV

Check out Tom Rowe & David Witchell’s coverage of Freshers’ Fair 2015! #TridentMedia #University #fair #HertfordhsireStudentsUnion #UnionTV #Freshers #Hertfordshire #Student

University of Hertfordshire student creates free mobile app “Shell Island”

[Kealie Mardell | Print Editor] Taranjit Matharu, a final year automotive student, has created the app “Shell Island”, a free game available on Apple and Android platforms. While Taranjit came up with the original conception of the game and is responsible for marketing, he is joined by friend Nicolass Mayroleon and brother Gurminder Matharu, who are responsible for the graphics and programming. The team have formed the company Ovam Entertainment, and hope to create more apps

Thank you to the Student Publication Association for a fantastic weekend at SPANC15

[Kealie Mardell | Print Editor] Anyone who knows me knows my passion for student media. It has a powerful potential and provides invaluable experience for the journalists of the future. Echoing these views is the Student Publication Association (SPA), who brings together student publications for support, training, and to share our successes. This weekend we travelled to University of Southampton Students’ Union for the SPA National Conference. You can find out everything abou

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