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UH Futsal goes the extra mile for charity

[Aimone Sharif |Sports Manager] After two successful charity events, the University of Hertfordshire Futsal Team decided to take it up a notch and go the extra mile for charity (or should I say an extra hundred miles?!) On Wednesday 27th of January, the cyclists meet at 8.00am to start a laborious journey from Hatfield to Brighton that can only be possible through teamwork and perseverance Let’s face it, it’s that period of the year where it’s barely light at 7.00am, it’s fre

Why I don’t go to the gym

Image: Pixabay [Louise Hal-Fead | Contributing Writer] When people hear that you don’t go to the gym, the common assumption is that you are lazy or not interested in your health. Worse still, those views suggest that you are not an active or enthusiastic individual, which is misleading and also insulting. I’m someone who has a love/hate relationship with the gym; now settling somewhere in the middle. However, these are the reasons why I now, do not go to the gym. To begin wit

Keep on top of your game with our sports hacks!

Image: Pixabay [Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager] With shorter days and crappier weather than usual, we all have the same problems when it comes to working out: do I really want to go running in the mud? Is it worth getting my clothes dirty just for one work out? Well my friends, let these hacks be the end of your hesitations! Image: Aimone Sharif 1. Smelly shoes No-one is exempt to this problem! Have you found yourself dreading the smell that’s going to come out of your shoes

Last home volleyball match

[Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager] On the 18th of November, our very own University of Hertfordshire’s Men’s Volleyball Team went face-to-face with British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) league leaders, Roehampton, to show them what they are really capable of. Hertfordshire Sports Village hosted the final Herts volleyball home match of the semester and our team was determined to win the game, no matter what. The first set of the game proved tedious to start with for the

UH student Lucy Loomes represents country

[Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager] Herts’ very own Lucy Loomes showed what she is capable of in Azzurri last week against Italy’s Under 19’s football team. Lucy moved from Suffolk to London two years ago to join London Bees in the Women Super League Second division (WSL 2). Last week, she was scouted by the manager of the London Bees to be part of a friendly match against Italy’s very own U19’s. “Representing your country is always amazing and I was honoured to be part of the s

UH Campus Football: Another year awaits.

[Charlie Pearson | Sports Editor] For the last five years The University of Hertfordshire has been running UH Campus Football, an inter-university football programme set up to allow students to play in a league format throughout their time at university. UH Campus football offers a variety of different games, including 6-a-side and 11-a-side football, as well as Futsal – 5-a-side football played indoors. The wide variety of competitions available allows more students to get i

Sports at UH: All you need to know

Image: Kristian Lissimore [Mercedes Brazier | Contributing Writer] Sport is big part of everyone’s life; you may have just read that and scoffed, but it’s true. Whether you played rounders as a child in the park with your family – in the one week of nice weather during summer – or you really engaged with sports teams and activities, it has been a part of your making you, you. That’s why here at UH there are a lot of activities and sports you can get involved with, both compet

Volleyball: Could it be the next big sport in England?

All images: University of Hertfordshire [Mercedes Brazier | Sports Sub Editor] Volleyball is overshadowed in England as a sport due to our overwhelming, very British, interest in Football, Rugby, Cricket and Golf. If you were to ask Europeans which sports are predominantly followed and played in the UK, their answer would be the four listed above. Volleyball is not associated with the British way of life. This is mostly because volleyball is wrongly associated with Beach Vo

The Ashes – Day 2 of the First Test

[Kieran Burman | Head of TV] Australia came onto the field with the hopes of bowling England out in the first session of the day with Moeen Ali and Stuart Broad at the stumps – ready for the day’s play. Moeen Ali kept up yesterday’s tempo, racing to his fifty in the first few overs of the day. Broad fell  early on however, meaning Ali had to bat with the end of the tail. Ali fell shortly after Broad for 77, putting in a great shift at the end of the innings. Anderson and Wood

One Week to go – One League is Already Settled

[Matt Creasey and Kieran Burman | Contributing Writers] Edging constantly closer to the end of the season, gameweeks 5 and 6 have proved testing for Mouthampton, having been stripped of their 100% winning streak in a 1-0 loss against arch rivals, and last season’s finalists, Jägerbombs. Convincing form, shown by Christian and Luke Durrant in Mouthampton’s famous yellow shirts, inspired the entire team to a 4-0 win over Nike Elites the following week. Dixie Normous, as vice ca

Mixed Netball Tournament in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign

[Imogen Wallis | Contributing Writer] On the night of 26th February 2015, the De Havilland sports hall was full of the sound of cheers and laughter, as the atmosphere heated up for a friendly mixed netball tournament in aid of Cancer Research UK. Organised by three second year ‘Sports Studies’ students, Clare, Holly and Emily the ladies decided to align with the England Netball team, whose members have been raising money for Cancer Research UK since 2010, as part of an event

Mouthampton and Midlothian lead at the Mid-Point

[Kieran Burman | Contributing Writer] Weeks three and four in League A saw Jägerbombs pick themselves up off of bottom spot and shoot above both Redbourn Reborn and Friendly Foxes, with notable performances by goalkeeper Mateusz Plazie and central midfield partnership Dan and Emilio. It’s also been a week that has seen much courageous out-the-box goalkeeping by both the Mouthampton goalkeeper and Dixie Normous stopper, Liam Rivers. The past fortnight has also seen Nike Elites

Five Minute Yoga Routine

[Jennie Couling | Contributing Writer] There are all kinds of excuses we use to get out of exercise: not enough time, not enough money for a gym membership, not knowing where to start. Yoga is a good exercise to start with if you have only five minutes in your busy day, it has many benefits to your health and wellbeing. Yoga has been known to improve lower back pain, joint pain and neck pain, and studies from the International Journal of Yoga show that yoga can reduce stress,

Dodgeball: A Game of Gods

[Aiden Perrins | Contributing Writer] “A game of gods, where the weak perish and the strong become immortal.” This is how vice-captain Matt Young rather emphatically described the rapidly growing sport of dodgeball. He also described it as: “A really fun game where you get to hit people in the face with balls”. Which just about sums it up really. Dodgeball is an inclusive sport where men and women play and compete together, which sets it apart from many sports where men and w

AU Judo Club – Magic Wond Conjures Gold!

[David Down and Grace Tucker | Guest Writers] The Athletic Union Judo Club competed at the University of Warwick Team Competition on Saturday 24th January 2015 where seven students were representing the University. Stephen Wond was fighting first in the individual under 66 kg category, and after a fantastic performance with four outstanding fights; he finished with his first Gold Medal since starting judo at the beginning of University. Przemek Paziewski also finished with a

Interview with an Activator

[Mercedes Brazier | Sports Sub Editor] UniVerse meets sports Activator Luke Trevillion to find out more about the role and other sporting activities available at the university. UniVerse: What made you interested in becoming an Activator? Luke Trevillion: A career in Sports Development is what I want to pursue, and being an activator gives me direct experience for this. It also teaches leadership, which could also be seen as coaching, and this is something I have a lot of exp

Zumba with Active Students

[Feyi Taiwo | Contributing Writer] There is probably no other way to enjoy a workout than to get up and dance, Zumba style.  Hip Hop, Latin, Reggae, Salsa and more, as long as it has a feel good rhythm, moving your body to music never felt so effortless. While everyone loves music, no matter what genre it is, Zumba is just that activity that allows you to feel the music, inspiring you without you even knowing it. This week’s Zumba session was held with Active Students, which

Does sport help employability?

NO [Brad Johnson | Deputy Editor] Although there is a lot of research that would suggest that sport does aid your employability, I believe that to solely say sports can make you more employable can often overlook many other extra curricular activities that can also improve your employability. Getting involved with activities such as the Creative Arts, Media and even volunteering in local community projects can enhance your employability the same if not more than being involve

Malaysian Students Gather for Nottingham Games

[Gina Wong | Contributing Writer] It’s the season again where all Malaysians gather for a competitive sports competition.. Nottingham Malaysian Games (NMG) is an annual event and was created in 1985, it is also one of the largest student-led events at the University of Nottingham and in the UK. Approximately 6,000 Malaysiansturned up for this huge event on the 22nd November, organised by the President of Nottingham Malaysian Society, Ashley Leong Pik May. There are a total of