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Students of UH “invaluable” in assisting at fun sports event for people with disabilitie

By Zoe Fripp Thirty physiotherapy volunteers from the University of Hertfordshire were crucial to the success of the first-ever ‘Winter Wonderwheels’ event on the International Day of Disability in December. The event, created by Paralympian Sophia Warner, attracted over 500 disabled participants, and formed part of the ‘SuperheroSeries’; created to enable people with disabilities and an interest in sports a chance to participate in a variety of events, including running and

Active Students: Why you should give it a shot, with Alice Horton

Getting into sports isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s too costly, other times you might just not feel like participating with people who seem to know a lot about what they’re doing. Fear not, for that’s where Active Students comes in: a sports program designed with these people in mind. Want to attend tennis one day, but can’t make it to the other? No problem. Want to try some football, but realise you’re a bit strapped for cash? No problem, either! Active Students is a brill

Student Spotlight: Matthew Widdicombe

By Sam Carman Student Spotlight interviews undergraduates, postgraduates and other academics about their schooling achievements, be it studying abroad, running a society or finishing a work placement. Joining a sports team is a decision many make or even aspire to do in their first year of studying at the University of Hertfordshire. But what does being part of a sports team mean? Will it enhance your ability to work? What is it really like to captain a university sports team

UH Campus Football: Garry F.C. 2 v 3 F.C Bag of Cans

By Sam Carman Tension was in the air even before kick-off as Garry F.C. and F.C. Bag of Cans met properly for the first time after they finished a respected 1st and 2nd in the UH Campus football league. Having lost 5-1 due to the fact that they only had 7 players in the previous fixture, F.C. Bag of Cans were definitely prepared to take revenge on their title rivals. Kick-off for the final of the UH campus football was set for 4 pm on Wednesday 22nd November 2017 on the “Next

The South African dream

“Empowering through sports” is training4changeS mission and reality. Rumour has it that sports can benefit individuals in all aspects of their life, but what if you had the opportunity to experience it first hand? Holly Hinds, a 20-year-old student from the University of Hertfordshire has decided to take a year out from her studies to teach, develop and promote futsal as a catalyst of social development in a South African school in through training4changeS. Training4changeS w

Fixture Friday recap

By Aimone Sharif-Head of Editorial It has been a while since our last recap  but we are back! This week Netball has seen three wins for their 2nd and 3rd team and Men’s Lacrosse’s win keeps them at the top of their league. Ultimate finish their league season against the national champions, battling well but in the end falling short. A lot of weekend action as well. Men’s Futsal 1st also had a win to stay top of the table meaning it all comes down to the last game for Men’s Fu

Try Something New, Try Park Run

By Aimone Sharif- Head of Editorial Do you like running? Want to keep fit? Or would like to be part of a community led program? Come join us at Park Run every Saturday morning for a 5kms race, jog or walk according to your taste. Park Run was created in the UK in 2004 and is now an international running scheme, hosted in 14 countries including France, Canada, Singapore, and The Netherlands. All you need to do is register once on the Park Run website, and after each race your

Futsal Club Goes the Extra Mile Once More!

By Aimone Sharif- Head of Editorial After creating a women’s team, cycling from Hatfield to Brighton, and winning club of the year, the futsal club has a lot to do to beat last year’s achievements. The futsal club was created eight years ago, and has developed as a club and as a popular sport on campus. This year’s woman’s team remains unbeaten since the beginning of the season, and their men’s first is settling comfortably at the top of their league. As part of the Athletic

Wednesday Afternoons Cleared of Lectures

By James Parrett – Contributing Writer Wednesday afternoons should now be clear of compulsory lectures for undergraduate students, following discussions between the Student Union and University senior management. The call for changes came as a result of a previous timetable clash between lectures on a Wednesday afternoon and co-curricular activities, such as competitive sports within the Athletic Union. This prevented a number of students from getting involved in the AU’s eve

Injuries scar athletes for life

Image: Unsplash – Abigail Keenan [Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager] “I felt angry! I was frustrated with everything! Nothing would fill in the hole I had inside of me; I just wanted to get back into the game as soon as possible.” Those are the words Jaide Garcia used when she talked about her sports injury during her time at university. Being an athlete is rarely a walk in the park with all the potential injuries that glare at you from around the corner. But that doesn’t stop y

Profile interview of Vice President Student Activities, Annabel Mabin.

Image: Tom Boon [Kieran Burman | Contributing Writer] Annabel is sat at her desk, computer on and hockey ball in her stationery holder, you can see this isn’t where she’s comfortable though; she loves sport and everything about it: “There’s a buzz that playing sport gives you that you don’t get from anything else.” Office work can be fun – especially in the Students’ Union, but quite clearly not compared to sport, as far as she is concerned, and that resonates when she speaks

So I tried out a new sport…

Image: Unsplash – Brandon Redfern [Georgia Porter | Sports Editor] I would consider myself quite a sporty person, and I like to try out new things and break away from my comfort zone. Some sports I have fallen in love with and taken to borough/county level such as competitive swimming, squash, biathlon, cross country plus both indoor and outdoor rowing. Others I have attempted and realised that they weren’t for me, such as netball, kickboxing, hockey and athletic field events

Herts Sports Awards 2016

Image: Pixabay [Georgia Porter | Sports Editor and Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager] The Sports Awards is an annual social event hosted by the Athletic Union where all the sports clubs come together to celebrate the season’s achievements with food, drink and an unforgettable after party. Everyone made an effort for this year’s party. The gents were suited and booted, and the ladies had glammed themselves up in their finest dresses, and The Forum had never looked so fancy. The w

Sports Relief run is a success!

[Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager] Every year, BBC Sport brings the world of entertainment and sports together in search of raising money and awareness across the UK for vulnerable people inside and outside the country. It was Sports Relief year this year around, to celebrate the event from the 18th to the 20th of March, a series of sports trials, events and competitions were set to help raise money for charity. This one-day event has the beautiful result of uniting the UK as e

Profile on Men’s Rugby Captain Jordan Cox

[Georgia Porter | Sports Editor] Varsity is fast approaching, so we decided to catch up with some of the competitors to see how they are preparing for the big day! First up in our spotlight is Men’s Rugby Captain Jordan Cox. Jordan, 21, third-year BSc (Hons) Human Biology and Sports Studies student, became captain at the start of this academic year as a promotion from his vice-captain title last year. He fell in love with the sport when he was thrown into the game by his seco

Herts Women Hockey 1st team against King’s College 3rd

[Georgia Porter | Sports Editor] The University of Hertfordshire’s Women’s Hockey 1st team continue their winning streak after a landslide 6-0 win against King’s College (GKT) 3rd team, in their first game back after the Christmas break. The harsh weather conditions didn’t hinder their team spirit, as the girls dominated possession of the ball throughout the match with all of the players given equal game time. The beginning of the game was scrappy as both teams got into their

Herts Men’s Squash Team battle Surrey for 2nd place in BUCS 2b league

Image: Georgia Porter [Georgia Porter| Sports Editor] Squash in an underrated sport at the University of Hertfordshire, and not many people know what a talented men’s team we have. For their first home game of the semester, Herts 1st team played Surrey’s 2nd team, who are only two points above them in the BUCS 2b leader board. The team was led by Captain Declan Fields, second year BSc (Hons) Sports Science student. They had trained hard since being back from the Christmas bre

Ladies’ Free Beginner Squash Festival

[Georgia Porter | Sports Editor] England Squash are looking to change their image. Their aim is to promote not just professional athletes and their awards and achievements, but to encourage everybody to become active in all levels of participation. On Saturday 30th January, the Athletic Union hosted a Ladies’ Free Beginner Squash Festival in order to promote female participation in the sport and remove the intimidating atmosphere of playing against men. Squash is a male domin

Get into Football Day

[Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager] The start of Semester B saw campus football return with the famous Get into Football Day on 22nd January on the de Havilland pitches. Creating a team isn’t easy for international students that have just arrived from overseas; which is why Get into Football Day is a vital event for both newcomers and existing teams that are scouting for the next big talent. The first part of the day was dedicated to the traditional 11-a-side game. Recent winner

Don’t Miss! UH Rugby Vs Hockey Charity Match

Shelby Loasby | Head of Print A charity match will take place tomorrow (26th Feb) at 2pm between the UH Rugby and Hockey teams on the de Hav hockey pitches. With 40 minutes of Touch Rugby and 40 minutes of Field Hockey only one winner will be crowned. The match will be played in honour of Whizz-Kidz Charity and Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Trust, in partnership with the Athletic Union, Nandos, Prezzo, Hertfordshire Sports Village, and Club de havilland. There will also be en

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