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Free Speech Fears Are Being “Whipped up”, University Leader Claims

By Zoe Fripp A University Vice Chancellor has claimed that fears about university free speech were generated to “create moral panic.” Professor Adam Tickell, from Sussex University, delivered his argument to a Parliamentary committee during an inquiry into campus free speech. The inquiry comes after former Universities Minister, Jo Johnson expressed last year that he felt free speech is limited at some universities. He said that campuses could face fines in the future from th

Vice-Chancellor Criticises Political Correctness in Annual Speech

By Oliver Price – News Manager The University of Hertfordshire’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Quintin McKellar, in his annual speech, criticised the Rhodes Must Fall campaign, saying that ‘political correctness leapt too far’. Professor McKellar also disparaged students across the country, for their lack of commitment to free speech. “For many of us brought up in the cradle of democracy, freedom of speech is simply a given. However, you may be interested to know that one in fou