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Active Students: Why you should give it a shot, with Alice Horton

Getting into sports isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s too costly, other times you might just not feel like participating with people who seem to know a lot about what they’re doing. Fear not, for that’s where Active Students comes in: a sports program designed with these people in mind. Want to attend tennis one day, but can’t make it to the other? No problem. Want to try some football, but realise you’re a bit strapped for cash? No problem, either! Active Students is a brill

Trident Spotlight: Matt Dowse Live!

By Robert Wheatley Each month, Trident Media will be highlighting one of its many Radio shows, Print segments and TV productions to give our readers some insight into the diverse content we’ve got available. Sometimes when you’re studying, on the commute to work, or in the midst of chores, you want some background ambience, and music just isn’t cutting it. Say hello to the world of podcasts: a supremely diverse audio-based entertainment that can be anything from educational s

Come Along to PharmSoc’s Football Tournament!

Image: Alec Moore Up for a break from all the studying? PharmSoc is running a six-a-side (plus two optional subs) football tournament on Thursday 24th March from 6.00pm till 8.00pm. The tournament is open to all students and staff members and will be held on the College Lane Campus. It’s only £3.50 per person and PharmSoc members get a free drink! Contact Akshay Patel at if you’re interested. #activities #Football #PharmSoc #Societies

Doing something new in the New Year?

Image: Pixabay [Sarah Bennett | Contributing Writer] With the New Year comes New Year’s resolutions, but we all know keeping these can be difficult – especially when we’re so busy. With roughly 41 per cent of people failing to keep their resolutions last year, here are some of the most common resolutions and how our societies could help you keep them. 1. Exercise more Probably the most common resolution is to get fit, exercise more and have a body as toned as Beyoncé, but, co

It’s finally here… the Vegetarian/Vegan Society

[Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor] It’s official, the University of Hertfordshire has a Vegetarian/Vegan Society! We made our wish for such a society in the latest BlueMoon and now it’s been realised by a dedicated group of veggie students. A Facebook group was started last week and now they’ve been approved as an official UH student society. Events are quickly taking shape with the group visiting Vegfest London together this weekend and a meet-and-greet at EleHouse on Tues

Get involved: create your own society

[Laura Slingo | News Editor] At Hertfordshire University we have plethora of societies for you to get involved with, but the current list is far from exhaustive and we need more! All you need is one exciting topic, three core committee members, around 15 interested students, and you’re off! Here’s a selection of societies that Herts should have. Art & Crafts Society Fancy learning how to sew or knit because poor students can’t afford to buy any more clothes? This could be the

The Great British Tea Party

Image: Lashara Van Heerden [Hannah Bicknell | Features Editor] “Let’s get ready to rumble!” boomed from the DJ deck and a sea of people swarmed to the Elehouse. Eagerness was in the atmosphere and the Great British Tea Party was in full swing! Image: Lashara Van Heerden A queue the length of the Elehouse greeted new arrivals, and the smell of fresh cakes and milky tea stirring in the air helped set the scene. An opportunity created for the new international students to become

University of Hertfordshire Graduation: 8th September 2015

New Beginnings for UH Graduates [Robert Wheatley | Lifestyle Editor] As another final year draws to a close, the celebration of the immense work students have put into their degrees begins with an emotional Awards Ceremony at the monumental St Albans Cathedral. As the graduates spill from its double doors sporting their robes, group photographs or selfies are taken and hats are flung into the air; hugs ensuing with friends sharing the knowledge that they have succeeded in one

Society Showcase: Alternative Music Society

[Rajan Bhasin | Alt Music Co-President 2012-15] The Alternative Music Society, which I have been co-president along with Matas Mazas for the past two and a half years, is one of our proudest achievements. We took it from being a deeply misunderstood society to a highly successful one and, in recognition of our efforts, in 2014 earned the SU’s highest honour for a society: Gold S.T.A.M.P.S accreditation. May 2014: We elected a new committee for this academic year to carry the

Society Showcase: Introducing the UH Pub Society

[Kat Clements | Contributing Writer] When you think of societies, you often think of a way of improving your CV or maybe learning a new skill. However, the Pub Society completely turns this on its head as it allows you to be part of a society for people who just enjoy going to the pub! Drinking is obviously a bonus in a pub, but this society also encompasses people who simply like the atmosphere of a pub. St Albans is used as their headquarters with the wide array of drinking

Society Showcase: Herts SU Drama Society

[Matthew Yeoman | Contributing Writer] If there is a society that deserves recognition for its outstanding achievement, it is the Drama Society. As one of the more popular societies, its family like feel attracts many new members year on year. For those that make it through the first couple of sessions and decide that drama really is a place for them, a world of theatre and performance awaits. The first show of the year is always a pantomime and this year was no different. ‘R

Society Showcase: One year later with Marrow

[Kat Clements | Contributing Writer] Marrow, the student division of Anthony Nolan Cancer Charity, is present in universities up and down the country. This year, they came to Hertfordshire. We’ve never had a Marrow chapter here before, and Marrow Group Co-ordinator Zoe Wilkes decided to change that. She arrived at the Fresher’s Fair and promptly recruited a committee – President Christopher Donaldson, who has steered the society through a wildly successful year, was one of th

Believers Loveworld Society event: BLW VIBES

[Contributed by the Believers Loveworld Society] BLW Campus Ministry Hertfordshire Society successfully held a live event in the Forum Hertfordshire called Easter Youth Vibes (Voices In Blessed Exuberant Sounds).This was held on the 4th of April in a rock themed concert where over 250 young people rocked-out the place dressed in rock-styled attire. In attendance were world renowned gospel singers such as the London based LMAM stars Christian K and Frank Fytt. The venue was fi

A candid account of the Harry Potter Yule Ball

[Aiden Perrins | Contributing Writer] Hammered, trollied, absolutely rat-arsed; whichever is your favourite word, I am all of them. The night of Thursday 12th February was the Harry Potter Society’s Yule Ball. This was a free event which took place in The Attic of the Forum Hertfordshire. Despite the fairly low attendance, there was certainly no lack of enthusiasm. According to witchcraft and wizardry enthusiast Simon Gray, the evening consisted primarily of “slut dropping ev

Meet the Model United Nations Society

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] One of the most active societies out there at the moment is the Model United Nations (MUN). They have won numerous awards, including the Students’ Union Best New Society Award, attended conferences around the country and are currently planning for their next excursion. MUN is run by a committee of Law, Film and Business students who all have an interest in The United Nations and are passionate about debating contemporary world issues.The comm

Herts’ SU MixedBag Society presents ‘Herts’ got Talent’

[Tinith Pitakandage | MixedBag Society Chairperson] We are currently organising a multi-cultural talent night “Herts’ got Talent” for the students of University of Hertfordshire. The whole idea behind this event is to provide a platform for students to showcase their talents in every form. The performance can be in the form of singing, cultural dance/drama, musical, etc. One of the main ideas behind organizing this event is to create a platform for all the different societies

An Evening with the Drama Society

Richard Charles Hunt Age: 64 Profession: Angry Pensioner I am not a drama person. If I’m honest the whole concept of pretending to be someone you are not was something I thought was reserved for Bankers and Con (Wo)Men (and professional actors I suppose). But for one night I decided to try something new. As I arrived I found a mixed bunch. Labels didn’t seem to exist here. Cliques were banished. I couldn’t find anything to link any of these peculiar people together. I attempt

Meeting the Musicians’ Society

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] Trident Media caught up with the Musicians’ Society last month, in the midst of their rehearsals for last years Panto, Robin Hood: A game of crowns. Before being serenaded with a Christmas medley, we were able to grab a few words with Liam Richards, Chairperson, and Jacob Wing, Treasurer. Formerly known as the SU Hertfordshire Chamber Orchestra, the Musicians’ Society has undergone a ‘revamp’ this year under the lead of Liam Richards. He beli

The Magical World of Harry Potter

[Bethany James | Contributing Writer] Since the very start in 1997, the magical world of Harry Potter has taken our muggle world by storm and has continued to do so right up to now, despite the final film being released three years ago. J.K. Rowling has kept fans involved by creating ‘Pottermore’ and allowing the public to view concept art, props, and sets of the films at the Warner Brothers studios. More recently, she announced a spin-off trilogy about Newt Scamander, a ‘mag

Introducing the UH MixedBag Society

[Kealie Mardell | Print Editor] This year has seen the launch of many new societies, with over 100 running in total. We caught up with the brand new Mixed Bag Society, following their work with Raise and Give and first society meeting. The society secretary, Darshaalini Nadarajan, filled us in on what MixedBag is all about! UniVerse: What exactly is the MixedBag Society? Darshaalini Nadarajan: We are a group of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. We