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#NationalComingOutDay: I’m Constantly Coming Out As A Member Of The LGBTQ+ Community

This article was originally written for The Odyssey Online, and has been posted here with the author’s permission. My coming out experience with my parents was accidental. Kind of. As queer folks tend to do, I initially came out to close friends; my friends at secondary school and people I knew wouldn’t judge me for it. The response I have received to coming out has mostly been incredibly supportive, and I cannot downplay just how lucky I’ve been. See, I’d wanted to come out

Sexual Consent: Fun & Safe Sex During Freshers

By Robert Wheatley – Head of Editorial [CW]: This article contains discussions of rape and sexual harassment. This article is a repost of the original article which can be found here. Freshers’ Week is a fantastic opportunity for Hertfordshire students to meet others during a variety of events, from our packed Freshers’ fair stalls to nights out at the forum with amazing drink deals. University is one of the best places to make friends and, occasionally, a good place to meet

Sex and the Univercity: How Having a Boyfriend Changed The Way I See One Night Stands

Image: Pixabay [Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writer] I’ll lay it straight on a plate for you, I’ve had one night stands. Some good, some which were a complete waste of time, but hey ho. Each intimate moment I’ve shared with someone has taught me something, from sexual positions to how to play the game (the dating game that is, not The Game, although now I’ve made you think about it and now you’ve lost). But it never taught me to put myself first, even though I thought that wa

Sex and the Univercity: Sexual experiments

Image: Pixabay [Anonymous writer] What is a sexual experiment? I mainly think of the obvious which is, of course, experimenting with boys and girls (nothing wrong with that; I did it, and it stuck), but it goes so much further than just kissing someone of the same sex. As I write this, I can feel my toes curling, and I’m cringing and sweating because I am a self-confessed prude but hey ho, what can you do? I think many of us are scared to experiment sexually because we are af

Sex and the Univercity: Tinder

About a month after ending a long-term, long distance relationship, I figured the time was right to do a little window shopping. I had previously thought of Tinder with disdain; it’s a shallow concept made even more so by people who ‘play’ in front of each other, making judgmental comments about appearances and not even bothering to read the other person’s bio. However, now that my friends and I are approaching our mid-twenties and most of the group have proper grown-up lifes

Are sex bots the future?

Image: the Comic Shop, Flickr, CC BY 4.0 [Aaron Hurst | Contributing Writer] Many have contributed theories about how technology is taking over human interaction, and if this recent technological development is anything to go by, it would seem that said theories could become valid soon enough. A revolutionary project called “Realbotix” is set to make waves in the sex doll market by making available heads with artificial intelligence that can be attached to their already-exist

Sexy Edition of BlueMoon out now!

Our final yet sexiest edition of BlueMoon is now out! It’s got everything from porn surveys and sex quizzes, to a guide to gay labels and the all important issue of sexual consent. Although it’s the last printed BlueMoon of the year, it won’t be the end of our creative and boundary breaking articles! Pick up your free copy around campus or read it online here! Don’t forget to tell us what you think @TridentMediaUK #Love #latestissue #Magazine #Free #Shelby #OutNow #Sex #Bluem

Erotic literature: when words tease the senses

Image: Pixabay [Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writer] Erotic literature has been around for years – way before 50 Shades of Grey – and it continues to flourish. It can be found in the form of novels, short stories, poetry, memoirs or even sex manuals; covering subjects such as prostitution, homosexuality, sadomasochism and the world of fetish. Defining erotic literature is hard; yes it’s a book about sex, but it’s not just that. Many popular non-erotic novels have lots of sex

The rise in student sex workers

Image:  Jason Pier in DC, Flickr, CC BY 4.0 [April Wilson | TV Director] Sex work. For many it immediately brews up hazy images of brothels, sex workers lurking on street corners, Belle Du Jour “entertaining” wealthy clients. Whether you picture the dark or the seemingly luxurious, sex work instantly brews up the association with escorts and “prostitutes”. Image: MMG Fotografia, Flickr, CC BY 4.0 In fact, sex work covers a wide range of different jobs within the industry; a p

Our top five sex toys

Image: Pixabay [Danielle Smith | Contributing Writer] There are many sex toys out there and they come in all shapes and sizes. Retailers such as Ann Summers have helped people realise how “normal” (and useful) sex toys have become in the 21st century. BlueMoon decided to carry out some research and draw up a list of the five top sex toys that can help you add some extra pleasure to your sex lives (with a partner(s) and/or by yourself!) 5. Fleshlight original male masturbator:

The dos and don’ts of dating a flatmate

Image: Unsplash – Nathan Walker [Mollie Merrifield | Contributing Writer] Now before I begin, I would like to mention that these simple pieces of advice are not limited to your flatmates. Starting a “friends with benefits” relationship with anyone at university has its setbacks; especially if you are forced to see them every single morning. So don’t be a fool, get ahead of the game and prepare yourself, because this is not a task for the faint-hearted. #1 DON’T have sex with

Should you be following ‘herts_flesh’?

Image:Ryan McGuire All of us are likely to know what Snapchat is and have probably seen some strange usernames on the photo sharing social media app at some point. But have you heard of “herts_flesh”? Imagine an account that allows you to see naked members of your university and even their own sexual experiences. Well there’s no need to imagine as herts_flesh reveals everything. On discovering this Snapchat username through a friend, I was obviously curious as to what it enta

Top five funny sex scenes *spoilers!*

[Lara Owolabi | Production Manager] Watching sex scenes can be sooooo awkward! Especially if it happens unexpectedly with your parents in the room. However, romantic comedies can “take the heat off,” and frankly they’re pretty hilarious. Everybody has their own top five when it comes to funny sex scenes; here are some of ours! 5. Bride of Chucky Image: Bride of Chucky This horror film is probably part of the funniest set of sequels ever, besides the scary movie sequel. In thi

Sexual Consent

Image: Jean Koulev, Flickr [Robert Wheatley | Lifestyle Editor] Freshers’ Week is a fantastic opportunity for Hertfordshire students to meet others during a variety of events, from our packed Freshers’ fair stalls, to nights out at the forum with amazing drink deals. University is one of the best places to make friends and, occasionally, a good place to meet that special someone. Especially after a night out, the opportunity for sex to happen increases when you’ve gulped a fe

Studying the law on consent in sexual relationships

[Laura Noakes | Deputy Editor] Sexual consent isn’t black and white, it isn’t yes means yes and no means no. Consent is an infinitely complex concept and it is so important that everyone understands what constitutes meaningful, informed consent. As a law student, I studied the law on consent in detail when I wrote my dissertation – here are the facts you need to know to be clued up on consent law. In the Sexual Offences Act 2003, consent is defined as ‘a person consents if he

7 Crazy Sex Facts From Around The World

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] Sex. People love it. People love to talk about it, and people love to do it. But what sexy stories and facts do we know from around the world? Did you know that Greece is winning at sex, with people ‘doing it’ on average 138 times per year? Did you know that in Australia, the Mardudjara tribe undergo barbaric circumcisions to achieve manhood? We’ve put together a kinky list of seven of the craziest facts for you to learn and enjoy. 1) Sex Dol

Everything you need to know about consent

[Laura Noakes | Deputy Editor] Sex is pretty sexy, right? But you know what’s more sexy? Consent. Consent is and should be the basis of all sexual experiences so I have compiled everything you need to know about consent into one handy article. What is consent? Consent can be a pretty tricky concept. Sure, we’ve all heard the slogan ‘no means no’, but is that really what consent is? Legally, consent is defined as ‘agreeing by choice’ and having the ‘freedom’ and ‘capacity’ to

5 weird sex positions to try at your own risk

[Words & Pictures | Shelby Loasby] Want to spice up your love life with some new, crazy positions? Willing to use every muscle in your body and stretch like never before? Then this is the list for you. Warning! Some of the following positions may result in cramps, muscle damage and an embarrassing story to tell on the way to A&E. We would say don’t try this at home, but where’s the fun in that? For the sake of explaining the positions we will refer to our lovely cartoon peopl

6 Things To Avoid When Having Sex With Someone New

[Charlotte Mullin | Contributing Writer] University students are infamous for our libidos; our generation is one of #LAD culture and promiscuity, where sex is the crowning achievement, elevating it to having the same importance as oxygen or water.  Most people will do incredibly stupid things if there is even the slightest chance that it might get them laid. They’re not shy about it either; almost every single time I’ve been to The Forum I’ve seen somebody being fingered on t