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Sex and the Univercity: How Having a Boyfriend Changed The Way I See One Night Stands

Image: Pixabay [Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writer] I’ll lay it straight on a plate for you, I’ve had one night stands. Some good, some which were a complete waste of time, but hey ho. Each intimate moment I’ve shared with someone has taught me something, from sexual positions to how to play the game (the dating game that is, not The Game, although now I’ve made you think about it and now you’ve lost). But it never taught me to put myself first, even though I thought that wa

Sex and the Univercity: Sexual experiments

Image: Pixabay [Anonymous writer] What is a sexual experiment? I mainly think of the obvious which is, of course, experimenting with boys and girls (nothing wrong with that; I did it, and it stuck), but it goes so much further than just kissing someone of the same sex. As I write this, I can feel my toes curling, and I’m cringing and sweating because I am a self-confessed prude but hey ho, what can you do? I think many of us are scared to experiment sexually because we are af

Sex and the Univercity: a sceptic’s view of love

I’ll admit it, I have probably seen far too many “girly” films in my life, so I definitely have unrealistic expectations of this whole love thing. I guess I am sceptical of love. I’m not talking about the love you feel for your family, your friends, or even your pets, because that is unconditional. I’m talking about romantic love and how in today’s world, I just think that it doesn’t seem to exist. Of course others would say different, and many have told me that I don’t belie