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Breakout! Funeral: Why The Night Came To A Close

It’s a sad time for Breakout! fans, for six years of pop-punk, rock and party hits came to a close on the 26th of April this year, in an event appropriately titled The Breakout Funeral. For those that don’t know, Breakout! was an alternative to nights out like Contrast and Cheeky Wednesdays, offering a lot more rock classics, headbangers and beats which, now and then, was accompanied by a theme students could appreciate. Breakout! gave us some Disney discos, some Pokemon part

2018 SU Elections – What Went Down

By Matt Dowse On Friday, March 16th, the elected officers for the 2018/19 academic year were announced to a packed the Elehouse pool room, celebrating the end of a frantic week with a bonus 50% off on all drinks products as a result of how many voted this year. The newly elected officers Sanchit Agrawal, VP of Services; Zaina Hakim, VP of Education; Anis Aman, VP of Community; and Amal Jolly, VP of Activities will join the current VP of Services, Adil Ur Rehman, who has since

Drag With No Name

The Elehouse is renown for holding its Sunday Pub Quizzes and Karaoke, but not so much a lip sync battle! Nonetheless, students on February 28th seemed to highly appreciate the change Drag With No Name brought to the stage as what appeared to be over 150 students turned up to watch her hilarious performance. Described by one student as “one of the best events held at the Elehouse in a while”, Drag With No Name took to the stage in front of an outpour of students in the pub, w

The Elehouse: Is it Studentworthy?!

StudentWorthy usually challenges one of Trident Media’s team to try then review a service on offer at the University of Hertfordshire, like we’ve done previously with Breakout!, but we realised there was something it was missing: YOU! That’s not a threat: what we mean is, wouldn’t finding out something’s student-worthiness incorporate the actual voices of our university’s community? Of course, it would, which is why we changed it up this time around, and went on a long quest

The Trident Spotlight: Who Are Future Islands?

Jono Godlee Happy Easter, everyone. Hope you’ve all enjoyed all of the easter eggs (time to hit the gym now, folks)! So, as the current Head Of Radio at Trident Media, I thought that I’d introduce two new features coming to Trident Media called Trident Spotlight. Also, over next the few months on Trident Radio, the team will be introducing a new batch of radio shows called ‘The Spotlight Sessions’, so watch out for those. This Trident Spotlight will be all about the Baltimore

Heart-warming Films for the Cold Weather

By Mia Batrisyia The Beast from the East gets us excited for the snow… for the first few hours, because then we realise just how dreadful being snowed in really is. So, here are some heart-warming films to help you forget about the freezing temperatures for a bit. I personally enjoyed these movies myself, so there won’t be any spoilers because I highly recommend you give them a watch yourself. 1. Big Fish (2003) When we think of fictional films compared real life, it makes us


By Lara Owolabi Ok, so: Jumanji 2. Yes, I know: 2! You’re probably thinking, why? After 22 years (yes, it’s been that long) why did they make a second film? Of course, for those that loved Jumanji, on the other hand, they would have been elated when the trailers for this film started popping up everywhere. I couldn’t wait to see it either! Over the Christmas holiday, I decided to watch the film, after a long-awaited period of anxiousness to see what it was about. Firstly, it

André Graça, AKA Midnight Ambassador

By Robert Wheatley and Matt Dowse It’s hard enough to make it as a musician, let alone do it all the while studying and working abroad, but with a fanbase growing by the day and three incredibly distinctive tracks released to Spotify already, André seems like he’s well on his way to making his dream a success. The Trident sat down with the artist in the Trident Media radio studios to discuss his musical origins, his artistic influences and what we can expect to see next from

You Should Totally Visit: Portugal!

By Lara Owolabi Portugal is an amazing country to visit, and if it’s not on your bucket list already, by the end of this article you’re going to want to add it! There are so many things to do and visit in Portugal, and I couldn’t possibly include everything, so I decided to list what I think shouldn’t be missed. 1. Lisbon [Credit: SofiLayla on Pixabay] This pretty city is definitely one of the first places you should visit, especially if you decide to stay outside the magnifi

Flashpacking in Vietnam

Update: In the days following this post, a fatal typhoon has hit areas of Vietnam. Trident Media has opted to keep this article available, however urges you to donate to Unicef, who are assisting those affected by the typhoon. By Mia Batrisyia Earlier this year, I travelled to Da Nang, Vietnam with three of my girlfriends to experience the backpacking culture. Basically, we wanted to look and live like a backpacker, and analyse why backpacking is such a popular culture; espec

Launch Of The Battle Of The Campuses

By Robert Wheatley The Battle of the Campuses’ launch on the 21st October was an immensely successful night, with tons of students getting involved in some of the outlandish activities like a rapid-fire, one-handed chicken nugget-eating contest and a few rounds of an awesomely intense Flip Cup competition that had the audience yelling in a glorifying spur of encouragement. The night started a little slow, but as soon as students overheard our host, VP Rosy Vega’s announcement

Breakout! Harry Potter Party: Is It StudentWorthy?

By Robert Wheatley StudentWorthy is a segment in which a student looks at the stuff going on at the University of Hertfordshire, to see if it’s really worth your $$. Last week, we interviewed Breakout!‘s Harry Potter Party event organisers, Josh Watson and Luke Osborne, to find out what was in store for lovers of magic (and nights out). While The Trident was a little disappointed to find that the theming was a little less than Hogwarts-worthy, and the merchandise give-away pr

Critique Point: ‘Get Out’

By Lara Owolabi I usually watch trailers to films I want to see (because who doesn’t love a little anticipation before watching a movie?) but, for Get Out, I didn’t watch any of the trailers. Honestly, this one time, I’m glad I didn’t. Before we get into this review, I would just like to say EVERYTHING about this horror-satirical film has a meaning. In its simplest form, the film is about an African American male, his white girlfriend and their interesting (to say the least)

Trident Spotlight: Matt Dowse Live!

By Robert Wheatley Each month, Trident Media will be highlighting one of its many Radio shows, Print segments and TV productions to give our readers some insight into the diverse content we’ve got available. Sometimes when you’re studying, on the commute to work, or in the midst of chores, you want some background ambience, and music just isn’t cutting it. Say hello to the world of podcasts: a supremely diverse audio-based entertainment that can be anything from educational s

SkidStorm (Android) Review: Drift To Win!

By Robert Wheatley – Head of Editorial SkidStorm’s exactly what it says on the tin, and that’s perfect because it gives you exactly what you’d expect. Immobile Games’ SkidStorm is a cutesy car racing game where you manoeuvre your toony vehicle through a variety of isometrically-viewed tracks, challenging other cars to a race across the finish line. What makes SkidStorm as a mobile gaming app stand out a little more from other racing titles isn’t just its pleasant, geometrical

The New Gilmore Girls: A Budding Journalist’s Review

By Aimone Sharif – Head of Editorial <For everyone who has yet to see the new Gilmore Girls series, stop reading now as there are quite a few spoilers!> Anyone who grew up with Rory Gilmore knows that having this Netflix ‘A Year in a Life’ is a really big deal. Rory Gilmore was this young girl that we saw going to high school, get accepted and graduate from Yale, and when we leave her in 2007 she has blossomed into this amazing woman with great potential set to cover Obama’s

A Commentary on ‘Where is the Love?’

Written by Inderpal Matharu, Charles Smith & James Cantwell ‘Where is the love?’ is the unanswerable question, asked by many. As the world is full of turmoil, the rerelease of the timeless classic comes as no surprise; with saying that the remake was inspired by the recent tragic events in the world. The power, popularity and persuasiveness of music, opens our eyes to the worldwide suffering. “Where is the love?” This is the kind of unanswerable question which can b

Track-by-Track Review of Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman

[Ellis O’Connell | Contributing Writer] Doughnut-licking woman of impending hazards, Ariana Grande, has released her third studio album, the alter-ego tinged Dangerous Woman. And blimey, what an album it is. Following 2014’s My Everything, which helped Ariana achieve immense commercial success, Dangerous Woman serves as a maturation of Ariana – because it’s all about SEX. How dangerous of her! Where My Everything floundered in its wide range of genres, Dangerous Woman attemp

Slam Dunk Festival South 2016: Review

Nariece Sanderson | Contributing Writer Featured Image – Bryony Wharfe/Shelby Loasby It’s that time of year again folks. That time of year when tattoo-clad, snap-back wearing, hair dyed misfits descend upon the peaceful College Lane campus for a day of rock-fuelled havoc and fun. In it’s tenth year, the Slam Dunk festival organisers have shuffled the weekend around, luring the South date away from the cosy embrace of Sunday, to the cooler and windier clutches of Bank Holiday

Comic Review: The Beauty, Vol. 1

[Hannah Myers | Contributing Writer] Within these pages, The Beauty writers Jeremy Haun, Jason A. Hurley and John Rauch have successfully created one of the best comics I have ever read (and nothing drags me away from DC’s Bombshells, Image’s Saga or IDW’s Jem.) The premise of The Beauty – what happens when a sexually transmitted disease becomes desirable? Well, attainable beauty is one sexual encounter away. We meet Detective Vaughn and Detective Forster, heads of ‘The Beaut