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Research reveals harassment and bullying of LGBT+ students and staff in colleges and universities

Image: Gratisography [Laura Slingo | News Editor] Pride and Prejudice in Education is a report produced by NUS, the Equality Challenge Unit, the Learning and Work Institute, the Skills Funding Agency and the University and College Union and the Forum for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Equality. It calls on universities and colleges to provide good quality training and support for staff. It also recommends that institutions develop an inclusive curriculum, have zero to

NUS student sexual harassment research

Image: Pixabay [Alexandra Jungeling | Contributing Writer] NUS research reveals one in four students suffer unwelcome sexual advances, defining unwanted sexual advances as inappropriate touching and groping. Image: NUS NUS surveyed over 2,000 male and female students. With almost one third of respondents admitting that they have endured unwanted sexual comments about their body (12 per cent of men, 37 per cent of women), suggesting sexual harassment among students is not unco

Research Spotlight: Asthma Inhaler

[Lashara Van Heerden | Features Manager] The University of Hertfordshire has given Ms Antje Illner and Prof Mark Bloomfield (School of Creative Arts) and Dr David Chau and Ms Roohi Mehra (Department of Pharmacy) the UH Diamond Fund 2015 Award. Sarah Guirguis, a 3rd Year MPharm student, will also be part on the program. The funding will support their project to explore the feasibility of designing and making asthma inhalers that are stylish and user friendly. The aim is to dev

Research Spotlight: Girls’ Happiness Plummets as They Reach Teenage Years

The World Health Organisation collaborative Health Behaviour in School-aged Children-authored report reveals that girls who rate their happiness as high dropped from 81 per cent at aged 11 to 55 per cent at 15. Comparatively, boys experienced a smaller decrease in happiness, results showing a fall from 81 per cent at aged 11 to 74 per cent at aged 15, suggesting that young girls are overall less satisfied with their lives once hitting teenage years. The Centre for Research in

Hertfordshire ‘world leading’ for research

Hertfordshire rated as internationally excellent and world leading for research [Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] The Government’s 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) announced that the University of Hertfordshire has been rated ‘world leading’ and ‘internationally excellent’ for over 55% of the university’s research. REF assesses the quality and impact of research submitted by UK universities across all disciplines. The results are then used by the funding bodies to all

Meet the Lecturer: Dr Allan Jepson

[Brad Johnson | Deputy Editor] In the first of our new Meet the Lecturer features, we meet Dr Allan Jepson, a senior lecturer in the Business School and researcher in Event Studies. Jepson referred to himself as an “average student” during his childhood; who had to work hard to achieve the grades he wanted. Following his early school career, Jepson decided he wanted to change paths and not stay on at sixth form; a decision that surprised his former teachers. Jepson decided to

The entrepreneurial boom: Create your own future

[Taveena Atsu | Features Sub Editor] It’s been 10 years since the first series of The Apprentice, and a lot has changed since then; especially when it comes to the success of Britain’s young people! With nearly half of the candidates of the show being 26 years and younger, our generation is bursting with ambition, now more than ever. The entrepreneurial boom is on the rise for young Brits, and according to research carried out by Lucozade Energy, 62% are interested in working