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Watch BBC Radio 4’s ‘The 3rd Degree’ Live On Campus!

The hit BBC Radio 4 quiz show The 3rd Degree is recording tonight at the University of Hertfordshire’s Forum, Friday 16th March at 5.40 pm, where you can be part of the audience FOR FREE! We can tell you about it ourselves, by why not hear from host Steve Punt himself? Steve is a British actor, comedian, and writer who, along with Hugh Dennis, hosts The Now Show on BBC Radio 4, and has worked on shows including Mock The Week and Would I Lie To You? The Trident caught up with

Trident Spotlight: Matt Dowse Live!

By Robert Wheatley Each month, Trident Media will be highlighting one of its many Radio shows, Print segments and TV productions to give our readers some insight into the diverse content we’ve got available. Sometimes when you’re studying, on the commute to work, or in the midst of chores, you want some background ambience, and music just isn’t cutting it. Say hello to the world of podcasts: a supremely diverse audio-based entertainment that can be anything from educational s

Election Candidates Interviewed by Trident Media Radio

By Aaron Hurst – News Editor On Tuesday 21st March, candidates for the 2017 Hertfordshire SU elections were interviewed by Trident Media Radio. The interviews began with VP Services and NUS Conference delegate candidate Oliver Price, with fellow runner for VP Services Ariful Khan making an appearance later on for an interview. Two of the three candidates running for the role of President of the SU, Shelby Loasby and Cynthia Ekezie, took their respective opportunities to talk

Why Join Trident Media – Radio

By Nariece Sanderson – Head of Radio I think the correct question is… ‘why WOULDN’T you join Trident Media?’ Trident Media offer a brilliant opportunity to gain work experience in a variety of media forms. You could try out writing, producing or presenting through our online, radio and television platforms. Once you have had a go, you can add it to your CV which is essential for getting future work. The media industry is incredibly competitive, so having student media experie

Crush Radio Podcasts : Week 2

Here we go again! The second week of podcasts for all those that have been waiting. Enjoy! #Crush #Podcast #Radio

Give it a Go! Trident Media Takeover

This Freshers’ Week we’re giving you the chance to get hands-on experience with print, radio and TV. From 12-3pm on Tuesday 29th September visit the Trident Media Suite, located above Hutton Hall on College Lane Campus. Whether you’re interested in writing, editing or designing for UniVerse and BlueMoon, hosting a show on Crush Radio, or producing videos for UnionTV, this is a chance for all students to try out Trident Media. Check out what students got up to at our last even

Why Join Trident Media: Fresher’s Guide to Student Print, Radio and TV

[Trident Media Committee] Hi guys, it’s the beginning of another university year and for some of you, it might be your first. This is your chance to try something new and exciting, and maybe even out of your comfort zone! Trident Media is the official Students’ Union led media organisation of the University of Hertfordshire and has three brilliant outlets for everyone to join: Print, TV and Radio. Print publish the fortnightly newspaper, Universe, and the university magazine,

Introducing the 2015/16 Trident Media Committee!

Your 2015/16 Committee is made up of dedicated student volunteers, here to bring you the best in print, radio and TV from Hertfordshire Students’ Union! Head of Print – Shelby Loasby “I’m so excited for next year and cannot wait to get started. I’ve got some big boots to fill, but have plans for Print and Trident Media to be even more successful. We will have more presence around campus and aim to have Print, TV, and Radio all working together to bring students the most relev

Give it a Go: Media Takeover

[Linu Peter & Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writers] Give it a Go! Media Takeover was on Tuesday 18th November from 12-5pm, with a 12-3pm session on radio and a 3-5pm with print. After 20 minutes of asking around and walking into random lectures, the media suite was nicely tucked in the corner of Hutton Hall above the Student Union. It consists of a group area and two studios (Underground and Crush) where we learned the basics of how to use the software and what is involved by