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One-Of-A-Kind UK #BlackLivesMatter Module Launched For MA Students At University of Hertfordshire

By Zoe Fripp The University of Hertfordshire has introduced a new module as part of their MA in Literature at Culture, inspired by the political activist movement #BlackLivesMatter. The one of its kind in the UK module, entitled ‘US Culture and #BlackLivesMatter’ means that students can now learn about the significance and contexts of the internationally recognised movement. Students will be able to examine and study contemporary cultural texts, which forms part of the moveme

Crossing The Intersection

On February 26th, the University of Hertfordshire hosted Crossing the Intersection – Intersectionality Discussion Panel: an event that aimed to open up a discussion about intersectionality and its role in egalitarianism and conversations about social justice today. While the event didn’t have much of an audience turnout, responses from the panel and audience suggested that such a panel, and more like it, were well worth having. As the event began panelists took their seats, i

Free Speech Fears Are Being “Whipped up”, University Leader Claims

By Zoe Fripp A University Vice Chancellor has claimed that fears about university free speech were generated to “create moral panic.” Professor Adam Tickell, from Sussex University, delivered his argument to a Parliamentary committee during an inquiry into campus free speech. The inquiry comes after former Universities Minister, Jo Johnson expressed last year that he felt free speech is limited at some universities. He said that campuses could face fines in the future from th

Born Without Racism

[Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writer] The kids shout her name as she enters the classroom and they all run over stroking her braids. I’m in a small village near the Andes in Peru with some University of Hertfordshire students on a volunteering trip, and the children are all in love with this one girl, Vicky, a black girl. They ask about her braids and why she’s got black skin in Spanish, and our translator explains to us that they’ve probably rarely or never seen a person of