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A Commentary on ‘Where is the Love?’

Written by Inderpal Matharu, Charles Smith & James Cantwell ‘Where is the love?’ is the unanswerable question, asked by many. As the world is full of turmoil, the rerelease of the timeless classic comes as no surprise; with saying that the remake was inspired by the recent tragic events in the world. The power, popularity and persuasiveness of music, opens our eyes to the worldwide suffering. “Where is the love?” This is the kind of unanswerable question which can b

“Ant Infestation” at Telford Court

Emily Stevens, final year student in Psychology at UH recently reported an issue regarding the cleanliness of her flat in Telford Court shortly after moving in at the beginning of the academic year. Stevens describes the state of the flat she was greeted with: “The floor was dirty, the fridge wasn’t clean; there was still food in there. I picked up a carton of orange juice and it was so mouldy that it started to eat through the carton.” She also revealed that the flat has “an

Unfinished building work results in freshers placed into temporary accommodation

Oliver Price | News Manager Students hoping to live in newly built accommodations on College Lane have been told, less than a month before they were due to move in, that they would have to live in temporary accommodation due to halls not quite being finished in time for arrivals weekend. Most students who will be doing so, have now moved into these temporary accommodations. The University of Hertfordshire has made significant investments over the past few years to deliver 250

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