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Giving you the latest information about student life and updates from Hertfordshire University and surrounding areas

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News & Updates: Welcome

Trident Media want you to be our inspiration!

Image: Tobi Olasupo Trident Media’s photography team is looking for some students to get involved in our Valentine’s Day project. The theme of the photography is… love! We want to capture the beautiful hugs, kisses, laughs and hand holding at Herts. Share the love, get in touch with us if you’re willing to take part so we can arrange a date suitable for you. You don’t have to be an actual couple, if you and a friend are up for it then we are more than happy to snap away! In r

Show us your lights! #HertsXmas

[Huriyah Quadri | Print Editor] With Christmas just around the corner, Trident Media would love for you to show off your Christmas light displays to us! You can submit your snaps to us on Twitter or Instagram @TridentMediaUK using the hashtag #HertsXmas, or by tagging us in them! Get in the holiday spirit and show off your displays, the best displays will be shared by @TridentMediaUK. #Christmas #Lights #Photography

Exploring the world of travel photography with Karen Catchpole

[Kealie Mardell | Print Editor] More than 70 million people use Instagram every day. Of those pictures, over 38,000,000 are tagged #travel, and almost 100,000 with the more specific #travelphotography. When everyone armed with a smartphone and an Instagram filter thinks they’re the next big travel photographer, are we losing the art of travel photography? One person who certainly doesn’t think so is Karen Catchpole, a soon-to-be photography graduate who found her passion for

Spotlight Photography: Sam Parrish

Sam Parrish is an Editorial Fashion and Portrait Photographer who loves to bring to life the mystery and beauty of fantasy itself. The Included image is from his FMP series “Faerie of the Magpie” inspired by myth/facts and keywords of the magpie itself. But the main inspiration of this project is when ever one see’s a magpie there is actually a fairy present in disguise. #Photography #SamParrish #SpotlightPhotography

Spotlight Photography: Trevor Coultart

Third-year photography student Trevor Coultart is working on a project called “Childhood Treasures”, recording the special memories we have of those toys we couldn’t bear to part with. If you have kept hold of your treasured childhood toy, Trevor would love to hear from you. You can contact him directly at #Photography #SpotlightPhotography #TrevorCoultart

Creative Arts Spotlight: Elizabeth Cahill

Elizabeth Cahill My work is very sculptural based and having grown up with horses they are big a big part of my life and a big inspiration for me. I tend to the form of the horse as an alter ego to express my emotions or my voice. I like to work in a figurative way but also be playful and combine found, everyday objects to be subversive. The horse head with the towel came about when I was working on the clay, trying to keep it wet to eventually create a cast from it. I was re

Creative Arts Spotlight: Rachel Prior

Rachel Prior ‘Internal Intervention’ Fine Art final year Through the medium of photography, Internal Intervention depicts a shot of a brain held up by  a hand, with the text ‘Do you love me?’ layered over the top and enclosed in a white box. Throughout our lives we are faced with choices, some of which require the logical thinking associated with the brain, and others which are impulsively decided by what we feel in our hearts. One will rarely agree with the other, and an int

Spotlight Photography: Mia Dobson

Mia Dobson, Third Year Photography Student. My interest within photography predominantly lies in photographing people- beauty, fashion, portraiture. This series was taken as part of my FMP project of which I chose to produce a magazine. This particular set was shot as a feature for the magazine, and is to document personal style of other ‘creatives’ within the university. (In this case a musician). #MiaDobson #Photography #SpotlightPhotography

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