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Giving you the latest information about student life and updates from Hertfordshire University and surrounding areas

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7 times our parents have failed at technology

[Kealie Mardell | Print Editor] We’ve all seen it – that Facebook update or hilarious tweet explaining the latest calamity of our technophobe parents. So inspired by a particularly amusing one, I asked the team at Trident Media to share their stories and this is what we found. *All names have been removed to protect the parents involved and to save their children from further embarrassment* 1) My dad just asked me if it costs money to use Google This is the one that started m

8 Types of Students

[Charlotte Green | Contributing Writer] 8 Types of Students There’s a mixture of students here at the University of Hertfordshire, and I guarantee you’ve figured out some stereotypes. For a bit of fun, here are eight types of students who you may find sitting next to you in lectures or that you’ve spotted from afar in the LRC. 1.The one that leaves it until the last minute. When you say you’re just finishing off your essay at 5pm and the deadline is 10pm – this individual has

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