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The class divide in university applications and exams reflects the insidious North-South divide

By James Lewis For the second consecutive year, the number of university applications has dropped. The number of applications from UK students has decreased by 2.6% when compared to last year’s figures, with 12,420 fewer applicants. Reasons suggested for the decline varies from rising student debts to the perceived devaluation of university degrees, but it is clear that class divide is playing a destabilising role in student applications. London is, and for a very long time h

Free Speech Fears Are Being “Whipped up”, University Leader Claims

By Zoe Fripp A University Vice Chancellor has claimed that fears about university free speech were generated to “create moral panic.” Professor Adam Tickell, from Sussex University, delivered his argument to a Parliamentary committee during an inquiry into campus free speech. The inquiry comes after former Universities Minister, Jo Johnson expressed last year that he felt free speech is limited at some universities. He said that campuses could face fines in the future from th

Do women actually have pillow fights in their underwear?

Image: Brooke Cagle [Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writer] Time and time again I read articles or watch movies about female (the human kind) friendships and wonder: “Is that how it’s supposed to be?” Should we be pillow fighting in our underwear and crying over Bridget Jones’ Diary together, whilst being spiteful about someone we barely know? If so, I’ve definitely got it all wrong for the past 22 years of my life. Since coming to university and growing older, I’ve started han

We’re letting the government compromise our security in the name of our security

Image: Pixabay [Oliver Price | News Manager] The opinions expressed here are the author’s own, and are not endorsed by Trident Media of Hertfordshire Students’ Union Theresa May, the Conservative Home Secretary, has recently spoken about her new security bill, the Draft Communications Data Bill, which has been dubbed the, “Snoopers Charter” (real name: Investigatory Powers Bill). May has, so far, been vague about what the specifics of the bill entail. However, it appears that

We, the Peeple.

As noted by Elle Hunt, the soon to be released Peeple app does seem to be straight from the ‘MeowMeowBeenz’ episode of American sitcom Community. The episode features the already questionably-run college turning into an extreme social hierarchy ruled by the elite five and four MeowMeowBeenz, who rule over the lesser twos and banished ones. Now, the world may not be as easily convinced as a whole to enforce a society based on human TripAdvisor ratings, but it may be a little n

Book Review: A Little Life by Hanya Yanigihara

[Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor] After publishing my top picks of the Man Booker nominees, I thought it would be handy to publish a proper review for the only entry on the list that I had actually read. I actually finished reading A Little Life over a week ago, after a tiring month-long slog. A Little Life is a true epic following a group of friends from college, up until old age. We experience life along with them, including their successes and their ultimate downfalls.

Should the streetlights be turned off in Hatfield at night?

In each issue of UniVerse, two of our writers go head to head on an issue. The opinions expressed here are their own and are not endorsed by Trident Media or Hertfordshire Students’ Union. If you’d like to have your say then message us on Facebook or Twitter @TridentMediaUK! For: Turn them off. Embrace your dark side! [Melissa Nadarajan | Contributing Writer] Since 2012, Hatfield’s grey, damp streets have undergone a nightly plunge into darkness when, at the stroke of midnigh

Opinion: It is about time we waved goodbye to Poverty

[Tayyaba Hammond | Contributing Writer] I believe every human being alive today has a job. That job consists of helping eradicate suffering of some sort. It doesn’t matter if you choose to do that in a small way, like giving up your chair on the bus for a pregnant lady or in a big way, like full-time voluntary work. The fact that ONE (a campaign organization) are interested in putting a permanent stop to poverty and HIV/AIDS, is actually what interested me. A character from a