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Herts Alumna Zahida Khatoon talks about nursing

Image: Obeda Khanam [Huriyah Quadri | Print Editor] Nurses play a vital part in our healthcare system. They provide essential services across hospitals, care homes and even schools. University of Hertfordshire’s Zahida Khatoon graduated from her Nursing course in 2015 and is now a nurse at Lister Hospital. Trident Media spoke to Khatoon to find out what nursing life is like behind the scenes and how her time at Herts has contributed towards her career. TM: When did you decide

NHS Nursing bursary cuts

Image: Nursing books by Walt Stoneburner – Creative Commons [Kieran Burman | Contributing Writer] Students have been left outraged after The Chancellor of the Exchequer announced that the government will scrap grants and bursaries for student nurses. The Conservative government are going to scrap grants and bursaries for student nurses, which will be replaced with student loans and they will be abolishing the cap that is put on the amount of student nurses that can partake in

Hertfordshire ‘world leading’ for research

Hertfordshire rated as internationally excellent and world leading for research [Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] The Government’s 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) announced that the University of Hertfordshire has been rated ‘world leading’ and ‘internationally excellent’ for over 55% of the university’s research. REF assesses the quality and impact of research submitted by UK universities across all disciplines. The results are then used by the funding bodies to all