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21st Century University Plans To Be Built In Milton Keynes

By Zoe Fripp Milton Keynes Council has confirmed that the plans for a new ‘21st century’ university will go ahead, after selecting Cranfield University as the lead partner. Currently known as MK:U, the University will hold 5,000 students, with the first being welcomed in 2023. Cranfield University will supply a curriculum focused on science, mathematics, engineering and technology, including robotics and artificial intelligence. Professor Sir Peter Gregson, the Chief Executiv

3 Things You’ll Experience At A New Job & How To Deal With Them

This article was originally created for The Odyssey Online and has been published here with the author’s permission. Starting a new job is tough, no matter what role it is. You’ve got a new boss, you’re meeting new people, you’re doing new things, making mistakes, and all of these are making it a lot harder to relax and are making your new work that extra bit tiring. Have no fear: this is all normal, even though it admittedly does kinda suck. While making mistakes is inevitab

What’s New In Science February

By Leong Qi Tyng – Contributing Writer The article this month focuses on current and upcoming inventions that could change our human lives for the better (or worse, depends how you see it). Dancing Drones The dancing drones, named Shooting Stars, made its appearance during Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show. Intel controlled 300 drones used in the show via a central computer. It was noted that a single central computer could control a fleet of 10,000 drones. The successful

2015/16 Inventions and Discoveries

Image: Kasia Sawicka [Leong Qi Tyng | Contributing Writer] Wondering what kinds of new and wonderful inventions and discoveries have crept into our lives recently? Here’s a short list of what’s been going on since 2015! Thinx: Period-proof Underwear by Miki & Radha Agrawal and Antonio Dunbar (USA & Sri Lanka) Image: I always wondered how female superheroes go about crime fighting on their period week. Do they have time for a quick change? Well, thanks to Thin

So I tried out a new sport…

Image: Unsplash – Brandon Redfern [Georgia Porter | Sports Editor] I would consider myself quite a sporty person, and I like to try out new things and break away from my comfort zone. Some sports I have fallen in love with and taken to borough/county level such as competitive swimming, squash, biathlon, cross country plus both indoor and outdoor rowing. Others I have attempted and realised that they weren’t for me, such as netball, kickboxing, hockey and athletic field events

Out now: UniVerse Issue 8

Another busy issue underway! This time we’ve got news on accommodation costs, unpaid internships, university results and more. We’ve also got all the updates from the first Student Publication Association Conference hosted here at UH. The day was a great success and an opportunity for us to meet student media publications from around the South East. Moving into features, you’ll find the Model UN Society and tips of developing your online presence. Our regular debate tackles t