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Local hospitals fail to meet A&E waiting time targets since closure of A&E in Welwyn Garde

Image: Tom Boon [Oliver Price | News Manager] Since the conversion of the Accident & Emergency unit at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital to an Urgent Care Centre, which only treats non-life threatening injuries, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust has been unable to meet the government mandated target of seeing, treating, admitting or discharging 95 per cent of all patients at A&E departments and Urgent Care Centres within four hours. East and North Herts NHS Trust runs four

Full Trust statement – A&E waiting time performance

Image: Tom Boon Full statement from Nick Carver, Chief Executive of East & North Herts NHS Trust received on Thursday 18th February, 2016. “The standard set nationally for the NHS is that 95% of those attending A&E are seen, treated and either discharged or a decision to admit them is made within four hours of their arrival.  The NHS as a whole has struggled to meet this standard consistently since September 2014, following changes in both the level of A&E attendances and the

Mental Health Awareness Week: Outreach Services at UH

[Mohammed Afkhami | Contributing Writer] This year’s mental health awareness week is taking place from 11th to 17th of May, but an increasing openness to talk about a previously hidden away part of the human condition is becoming obvious. You will be even more aware of this if you’ve liked Mind, the Stephen Fry-led NGO that exists to help those with mental health problems and hopefully destigmatise the experience in the process. The argument put forward by these movements is