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By Jemma Heard – Contributing Writer As we all know, the inevitable, (and very much controversial) 14th February is here. Some people love it, the thought of spending a whole day expressing their love; but others cannot wait for the 15th February when all chocolate is half price… (guilty as charged). But as for the retailers, this day brings another opportunity in which to make profit from the endless 99p cards and £1 boxes of chocolates that they sell. Which begs the questio

Sex and the Univercity: How Having a Boyfriend Changed The Way I See One Night Stands

Image: Pixabay [Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writer] I’ll lay it straight on a plate for you, I’ve had one night stands. Some good, some which were a complete waste of time, but hey ho. Each intimate moment I’ve shared with someone has taught me something, from sexual positions to how to play the game (the dating game that is, not The Game, although now I’ve made you think about it and now you’ve lost). But it never taught me to put myself first, even though I thought that wa

Best movies to watch after a breakup

Image: Pixabay [Michael Sabater | Contributing Writer] The day has finally come; you’re officially someone’s ex. Whether you’re the dumper or the dumpee, it still hurts. It’s like a piece of yourself has been ripped out, thrown on the floor and stomped on. You’re currently wearing sweatpants, trying to fill that empty hole with salty snacks and alcohol and wallowing in your sorrow. Yep, breaking up sucks, but the pain’s not over yet, not by a long shot. So begins the dreaded

Sex and the Univercity: Tinder

About a month after ending a long-term, long distance relationship, I figured the time was right to do a little window shopping. I had previously thought of Tinder with disdain; it’s a shallow concept made even more so by people who ‘play’ in front of each other, making judgmental comments about appearances and not even bothering to read the other person’s bio. However, now that my friends and I are approaching our mid-twenties and most of the group have proper grown-up lifes

Sex and the Univercity: do pre-uni relationships last?

Image: Unsplash – Tord Sollie [Danielle Smith | Contributing Writer] Coming to university is one of the biggest steps that you will take in your life, but going to university whilst in a relationship is a step larger than anyone could ever imagine. It is possible for couples to survive a long distance relationship, although they would have some hard work ahead of them. For those of you in a relationship, there was one question that I’m sure crossed your mind: shall we make th

Are sex bots the future?

Image: the Comic Shop, Flickr, CC BY 4.0 [Aaron Hurst | Contributing Writer] Many have contributed theories about how technology is taking over human interaction, and if this recent technological development is anything to go by, it would seem that said theories could become valid soon enough. A revolutionary project called “Realbotix” is set to make waves in the sex doll market by making available heads with artificial intelligence that can be attached to their already-exist

Sexy Edition of BlueMoon out now!

Our final yet sexiest edition of BlueMoon is now out! It’s got everything from porn surveys and sex quizzes, to a guide to gay labels and the all important issue of sexual consent. Although it’s the last printed BlueMoon of the year, it won’t be the end of our creative and boundary breaking articles! Pick up your free copy around campus or read it online here! Don’t forget to tell us what you think @TridentMediaUK #Love #latestissue #Magazine #Free #Shelby #OutNow #Sex #Bluem

Queer love stories

Image: chrisjtse, Flickr, CC BY 4.0 [April Wilson | TV Director] While love is very much the focus of modern day media, there is undoubtedly less representation for queer characters; whether that be on TV, in films or comics. This list (by no means exhaustive) covers a range of platforms. Also, some of the couples on this list were instrumental in opening up their platform for the showing of queer characters in popular media. 1. Twist and Shout This is a fanfiction, but it’s

What it’s like to love with depression

Image: Unsplash – Elisabetta Foco [Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writer] “Depression and love is wanting to be shown that you are loved constantly but rejecting and not feeling worthy” – J. Moore. What if you never learned to love yourself? That every day it becomes harder and harder to be happy in who you are and where you are in your life. People can come into your life unnoticed but leave craters where your heart used to flourish; memories can turn a happy moment into the r

Our top five sex toys

Image: Pixabay [Danielle Smith | Contributing Writer] There are many sex toys out there and they come in all shapes and sizes. Retailers such as Ann Summers have helped people realise how “normal” (and useful) sex toys have become in the 21st century. BlueMoon decided to carry out some research and draw up a list of the five top sex toys that can help you add some extra pleasure to your sex lives (with a partner(s) and/or by yourself!) 5. Fleshlight original male masturbator:

Valentine’s Day: expectation vs reality

Image: Unsplash – Kristine Litvjak [Emily Alvarenga | Contributing Writer] The holiday filled with chocolates, stuffed animals and romance is here. And whether you’re single, in a relationship or somewhere in between, Valentine’s Day never seems to live up to your expectations of being an extraordinary day you will never forget. Yet every year, most never stop dreaming big, imagining a romantic day straight from their favourite Nicholas Sparks novel. Fancy Restaurants Expecta

Sex and the Univercity: commitment

Image: Unsplash – Greg Rakozy [Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager] With Valentine’s Day almost out of the way, that temporary rise in the feeling of desperation is finally stabling itself once more. We all know that default statement used in an effort to mask vulnerability, it goes along the lines of “hating” Valentine’s because it is “too mainstream”. Most of you can probably relate to the feeling of going to the town centre when the Card Factory has an overflowing amount of red

Is giving your ex a second chance worth it?

Image: Pixabay [Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writer] There are many reasons why getting back with an ex partner is bad news, but then there are many reasons why it’s the best thing you could do. I took back an ex after a split due to distance; we moved in together and now we’re the happiest we’ve ever been. When you love someone enough, you will try your hardest to make the relationship work once more, but sometimes it’s like trying to glue back a broken plate; it’s just neve

Sex and the Univercity: a sceptic’s view of love

I’ll admit it, I have probably seen far too many “girly” films in my life, so I definitely have unrealistic expectations of this whole love thing. I guess I am sceptical of love. I’m not talking about the love you feel for your family, your friends, or even your pets, because that is unconditional. I’m talking about romantic love and how in today’s world, I just think that it doesn’t seem to exist. Of course others would say different, and many have told me that I don’t belie

Trident Media want you to be our inspiration!

Image: Tobi Olasupo Trident Media’s photography team is looking for some students to get involved in our Valentine’s Day project. The theme of the photography is… love! We want to capture the beautiful hugs, kisses, laughs and hand holding at Herts. Share the love, get in touch with us if you’re willing to take part so we can arrange a date suitable for you. You don’t have to be an actual couple, if you and a friend are up for it then we are more than happy to snap away! In r

Top 10 tips for a summer romance

[Tobi Olasupo | Photography Manager] From Summer Lovin’ to Summertime Sadness, every summer romance has its’ ups and downs. Some relationships will blossom and grow, while others will wither and die. But what is the secret to the perfect summer romance? Find out with Trident Media’s Top 10 tips! #1 Ask yourself, do you really want a summer romance? Don’t put yourself in a position you really don’t want to be in, mainly as there is a difference between wanting to be with someo

Grumpy Corner: That PDA couple

We’ve just had Valentine’s Day so I can excuse a few mushy statuses; but there is always that one couple (or a few if you’re really unlucky) who seem to clog up every social media feed with declarations of love for their other half. I’m all for love and have been with my boyfriend happily for three years but telling him how I feel seems a lot more meaningful than an Instagram post with #love, #boyfriend or even worse #bae. Snapchat has made declaring your love even cringer wi

How to pick the right pick up line

[Linu George | Contributing Writer] Pick up lines. They can be the best things or the just the worst. It’s all about picking the right one and doing it with confidence. Here are a few categories to help you pick the right one for ‘the one’. Classic Lets be honest Joey from Friends knew how to do it right. You know what I’m referring to, yeah that’s right, I’m invoking the classic, “How you doin’?”. Laugh all you want but at least you know it will let everyone know that you ar

Guide to dating on a Budget

[Chloe Burrowes | Contributing Writer] With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and the last of our student finance dwindling – any dating has to be done on a very strict budget! You’ll be pleased to know that aside from fancy restaurants and grand gestures, there is fun to be had at a fraction of the price. Dating on a budget does not have to be daunting, and who knows your love interest may even love it more if it’s a bit different from the norm. Home is where the heart