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Nominate an inspirational student

Image: Unsplash – Murat Birtane [Laura Slingo | News Editor] Hertfordshire University is working with its dedicated policing team, who constantly provide exceptional care on campus for students and students living in the neighbouring areas. This year, the University and the PCSO team are inviting people to nominate students who consistently endeavour to help others as part of The Community Award, sponsored by the University’s Diamond Fund. Now in its second year, this accolad

Is Hatfield haunted?

[Amy Dodwell | Contributing Writer] Hatfield is full of history and it is clear that not all of it has disappeared as there have been many ghostly sightings over the years. The most popular tourist destination in the town is Hatfield House; well known for its history with Queen Elizabeth I. Within the grounds is the famous ‘Queen Elizabeth Oak’, which is allegedly where Elizabeth I was sitting when she was told she was Queen following Mary’s death. Following the first Marchio