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Trident Tips: 5 Tips to Settle into UH as an International Student

By Mia Batrisyia Moving away is difficult. Even more so, if it’s to another country and you are on your own. You leave the comfort of your friends and family, home cooked food and a familiar language. I share these concerns as I’m an international student myself. I’ve always been spoilt and pampered by my parents so settling in wasn’t a simple task, but the experience living and learning in UH has taught me many life lessons that have helped me. So, here are five Trident Tips

Controversial NHS Ban On Surgery For Smokers And Overweight People.

By Zoe Fripp Smokers and overweight patients will be banned from undergoing surgery by the NHS unless they can quit their habit or lose weight, in a new provision drawn up in Hertfordshire. The restrictions mean that obese patients, who in the past would have faced delays, could be refused surgery entirely until they can lose weight. Patients with a BMI of 30 or more must lose at least 10% of their weight, and those with a BMI of over 40 must lose at least 15% before they are

The day we only ate pancakes

[April Wilson | TV Director; Martin Link | Contributing Writer] All images: Martin Link Yes, you read the title right I spent Pancake Day doing what it was intended for: eating pancakes. (I’m just going to ignore all the religious reasons for the sake of this article.) For a few years now I have missed out on eating pancakes on Pancake Day but this year I was like no more. This year I will eat pancakes. This year I will eat as many pancakes as possible. So I set about organis

8 Types of Students

[Charlotte Green | Contributing Writer] 8 Types of Students There’s a mixture of students here at the University of Hertfordshire, and I guarantee you’ve figured out some stereotypes. For a bit of fun, here are eight types of students who you may find sitting next to you in lectures or that you’ve spotted from afar in the LRC. 1.The one that leaves it until the last minute. When you say you’re just finishing off your essay at 5pm and the deadline is 10pm – this individual has