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Herts Sports Awards 2016

Image: Pixabay [Georgia Porter | Sports Editor and Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager] The Sports Awards is an annual social event hosted by the Athletic Union where all the sports clubs come together to celebrate the season’s achievements with food, drink and an unforgettable after party. Everyone made an effort for this year’s party. The gents were suited and booted, and the ladies had glammed themselves up in their finest dresses, and The Forum had never looked so fancy. The w

Herts Judo goes to Albania

[Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager] Herts Judo Club flew all the way to Tirana to be able to promote, train and meet the initiator of judo in Albania in early September, 2015. In order to find out more about their experience, we interviewed Athletic Union’s Coach of the Year, Doug Seabrook, and two members of the Club. TM: Could you give a brief summary of what summer is like from a Judo performer’s perspective? Matthew Hammond, Chairman at UHJudo, BSc Hons Sports Studies, Year

AU Judo Club – Magic Wond Conjures Gold!

[David Down and Grace Tucker | Guest Writers] The Athletic Union Judo Club competed at the University of Warwick Team Competition on Saturday 24th January 2015 where seven students were representing the University. Stephen Wond was fighting first in the individual under 66 kg category, and after a fantastic performance with four outstanding fights; he finished with his first Gold Medal since starting judo at the beginning of University. Przemek Paziewski also finished with a

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