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‘journalism moving more and more online is a good thing’

Image: Pixabay [Aaron Hurst | Contributing Writer] The owner of The Independent, Evgeny Lebedev, announced in February that the publication, along with The Independent on Sunday, plans to become an online-only publication. This progression for the newspaper group is set to make over 100 of its workers redundant, but Lebedev is adamant that this the right step forward. “This decision preserves the Independent brand and allows us to continue to invest in the high-quality editor

Trident Media shortlisted for Student Publication Association awards

Image: Pixabay [Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor] Yesterday marked the long-awaited shortlist announcements for the Student Publication Association Awards 2016. After a very late Tuesday night going through all the fabulous entries, the SPA graced us with a very exciting (and impressive) shortlist. And guess what? Some of our fantastic writers are up for awards! Including (drum roll please): Oliver Price for Best Reporter Tom Boon for Best Student Photographer Aimone Shar

Hertfordshire and Beyond: Day 4 with the Hertfordshire Mercury

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] “Journal of a Journalist” Day three had been a busy one – in and out of the newsroom, speaking to the public, and working on various different articles. With the addition of my stupidly long bus journey home, it had been a long day, but had been the most proactive and exciting so far. Mercury stand in the offices DAY 4: Friday 29th May I arrived early to work on the last day; Because I wanted to impress and be there as early as the others I w

Hertfordshire and Beyond: Day 3 with the Hertfordshire Mercury

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] “Journal of a Journalist” The second day at the Mercury was a desk-day; I was sat behind the computer busy typing up articles and researching stories. Whilst that may not sound like a particularly exciting day, it was great experience of a normal day at the office and gave me a chance to work on my writing style. DAY 3: Thursday 28th May Day three was completely different. I started the day early and went out on patch with reporter Sam Meadow

Hertfordshire and Beyond: Day 2 with the Hertfordshire Mercury

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] “Journal of a Journalist” My first day with the Mercury had been an eye-opening experience; talking to the public, gathering and compiling quotes, and producing an article for the website. DAY 2: Wednesday 27th May Day two was just as hectic, with the Mercury’s second deadline of the week. I was put to work as soon as I got into the newsroom, helping with the Village News segment. This involved looking at various websites of villages and thei

Hertfordshire and Beyond: Day 1 with the Hertfordshire Mercury

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] “Journal of a Journalist” Back in February Julie Palmer, Editor of  Hertfordshire Mercury, came along to the Student Publication Association Conference at Hertfordshire Students’ Union and shed some light on the professional world of journalism and local news. She spoke about her editorial journey and offered advice to budding journalists thinking of following in her footsteps. Trident Media were invited to the Hertfordshire Mercury offices s

Hertfordshire Students’ Union and Trident Media welcome student journalists for SPA South East Confe

[Kealie Mardell | Print Editor] Hertfordshire Students’ Union and Trident Media hosted their first Student Publication Association conference on Saturday 21st February. Student journalists visited Herts for the second South East Conference, featuring workshops and industry speakers. The Student Publication Association (SPA) is made up of student media outlets coming together to share training, advice, and to recognise their successes. Attending from SPA  was Chair Sophie Davi