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Police called to incident on deHavilland Campus

Police have cordoned off part of deHavilland campus following an incident in the early hours of this morning. In an email to deHavilland residents at 9:26am Deputy Dean of Students, Geraldine Ward, said that the university are working with the Police and Security to establish the details of what happened. She said: “If you witnessed anything or need to speak to someone please call 01707 284096, we will of course keep you updated with any information that we can give you. We w

UNO Bus Incident

[Brad Johnson | Deputy Editor] An incident occurred on the A1081 at around 08:25am on the 20th October 2014, between South Mimms and Barnet. Forty five people including some students of the University of Hertfordshire were injured. In a StudyNet post, Lorna Evans stated “We know that a number of our students were on board the bus and that some have been taken to local hospitals.” The East of England Ambulance Service announced that no-one is thought to be critically injured h