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Best places to visit for that festive feeling!

[Laura Noakes | Deputy Print Editor] Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland is now a festive staple! It’s basically a Christmas explosion in Hyde Park – there are fairground rides, Christmas Markets and a chance to visit Santa! Winter Wonderland is free to enter but because it’s so popular, make sure you get tickets for any of the main attractions early as tickets frequently sells out on the weekend and evenings. Visit for more information. Harry Po

Top 5 Christmas gifts for students

[Barbara Holguin | Contributing Writer] Shopping for Christmas can always be stressful but we’ve got the best gift ideas for students. Whether it’s for a relative or even a flat mate, every student can benefit from these simple yet creative ideas: Pizza scissors It’s no secret that most students stock up on plenty of frozen pizzas and cutting them can sometimes be quite difficult. This gift idea is ideal for all those students who struggle when cutting their pizzas and apart