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Another UH Student Wins Prize at Information Technology Awards

By Zoe Fripp A student from the University of Hertfordshire has been awarded the silver prize at the 2018 Worshipful Company of Information Technologies (WCIT) Information Technology Awards, making it the second year in a row the prize has gone to a student from the University. The awards are given out each year to give recognition to outstanding UK undergraduate and postgraduate IT students. Universities are encouraged to nominate a student candidate, providing a written cit

All About The 2018 Students’ Union Elections!

By Robert Wheatley You’ve seen the posters lining the de Havilland Atrium and the hallway: it’s time for the Students’ Union Elections! The SU is nothing without a representative body, and now it’s your chance to vote who’s going to be leading it. Now that the SU Election nominations have passed, voting is now open and will continue to be until this Friday 16th, March at 2 pm, with the election results announced at 6 pm that same day. If successful, the elected officers will

We’ve Landed In The Top 2.1% For World University Rankings!

By Robert Wheatley The University of Hertfordshire has been designated the 575th place of over 27,000 universities worldwide and 42nd in the UK by the CWUR World University Rankings. CWUR is the largest academic ranking of global universities, and out of 27,770 of their evaluated higher education institutions, we made it into the top 2.1%, meaning our quality of education and training of students, along with the achievements of our researchers and faculty have been recognised

What’s On At UH: Battle of the Campuses begins!

Are YOU prepared to defend your campus? Can you defeat College Lane in a battle of Flip Cup, or can you triumph over De Hav in an extreme, all-you-can-eat chicken nugget challenge? If so, come prove yourself at the launch of the Battle of the Campuses, tomorrow at 7pm at the Elehouse! As a University of Hertfordshire student living on campus, you’re automatically enrolled into the battle; meaning it could be YOU that declares your side’s victory. Throughout the year the unive

Antidepressants Gave Me My Life Back, And That’s Not A Bad Thing

This article was originally written for The Odyssey Online and has been posted here with the author’s permission. I’d had enough of the constant nerves riddling my mind, the constant sickness in my stomach and the fogginess that would creep up on me. In all honesty, I had given up on my therapy. Not because my counselor was bad — she was excellent — but in a state of anxiety and depression coupled with panic attacks, it felt impossible to focus on the tasks given in my cognit

Breakout! Harry Potter Party: Is It StudentWorthy?

By Robert Wheatley StudentWorthy is a segment in which a student looks at the stuff going on at the University of Hertfordshire, to see if it’s really worth your $$. Last week, we interviewed Breakout!‘s Harry Potter Party event organisers, Josh Watson and Luke Osborne, to find out what was in store for lovers of magic (and nights out). While The Trident was a little disappointed to find that the theming was a little less than Hogwarts-worthy, and the merchandise give-away pr

Critique Point: ‘Get Out’

By Lara Owolabi I usually watch trailers to films I want to see (because who doesn’t love a little anticipation before watching a movie?) but, for Get Out, I didn’t watch any of the trailers. Honestly, this one time, I’m glad I didn’t. Before we get into this review, I would just like to say EVERYTHING about this horror-satirical film has a meaning. In its simplest form, the film is about an African American male, his white girlfriend and their interesting (to say the least)

What’s On At UH: TRUTH TO POWER: Journalism on Screen

By Zoe Fripp TRUTH TO POWER: Journalism on Screen, a month-long series of screenings dedicated to the representation of Journalists in film is being hosted by the University of Hertfordshire. The event forms part of the UHArts Film & TV programme and will span from the 31st October to the 28th November 2017. The values of the programme are to entertain, inspire and educate, and therefore several films of different genres and time-periods are to be shown over the coming weeks

5 Top Tips To Maintain Good Mental Health At University

By Pelumi Agboola It’s about three weeks in and Freshers has passed, lectures have kicked off, assignments and reading are flying your way, you’ve only just recovered from the dreaded fresher’s flu, and you’re feeling very overwhelmed. Sound familiar? Well, if you’re like me and many others, the thought of lectures make you feel anxious, and deadlines just seem too close, which gives you a lot of stress. Whether you’re a first year, a second year, or even a Master’s or intern

Panshanger Is Rising From The Ashes

By Tom Boon A local community project hopes to reopen Welwyn Garden City’s historic airfield, the Panshanger Aerodrome, after its closure in 2014. Panshanger was once the home of the North London Flying School, currently one of the UK’s leading flying instructors, and was a staple of the local community. Project Phoenix, the team behind the project, aims to make the new airfield a place where anybody could come grab a coffee, sit and watch aircraft, or just spend the afternoo

#NationalComingOutDay: I’m Constantly Coming Out As A Member Of The LGBTQ+ Community

This article was originally written for The Odyssey Online, and has been posted here with the author’s permission. My coming out experience with my parents was accidental. Kind of. As queer folks tend to do, I initially came out to close friends; my friends at secondary school and people I knew wouldn’t judge me for it. The response I have received to coming out has mostly been incredibly supportive, and I cannot downplay just how lucky I’ve been. See, I’d wanted to come out

Student Spotlight: Tom Boon

Student Spotlight interviews undergraduates, postgraduates and other academics about their schooling achievements, be it studying abroad, running a society or finishing a work placement. Employers aren’t just looking for a degree and a good mark: work experience, according to UCAS, is sought out by two-thirds of employers when looking for graduates, to ensure they have a greater understanding of their chosen field. Some university courses even require it, so getting on top of

Five Fab Slam Dunk Festival Performances you cannot miss!

By Nariece Sanderson It’s that time of the year where the Forum opens its doors for a mighty day of pop-punk, rock and metalcore. Here are five bands that may not be on your schedule… but really should. Vukovi Energy fuelled and charismatic, these Scottish sparklers will hit the Rock Sound Breakout Stage at around 3:20pm! Their tune Animal attracted the attention of Radio 1 and demands some dance moves Bowling For Soup What goes better than bread and butter? Comedy and rock.

Students of UH: Callie Watling

We’ve all seen the amazing Humans of New York stories. Some sad, some happy. All inspiring. In fact, so inspiring that I decided to embark on a journey to do the same but with the students at the University of Hertfordshire. However, the creator of Humans of New York, Brandon Stanton, according to an interview he gave with CNN, did not originally set out to tell people’s stories: “The approach to the concept started out purely as [a] photography blog. In the first year, I was

New Science Building Open Now!

By Aaron Hurst- News Editor The highly anticipated Science Building on College Lane has opened in time for this academic year. It has been constructed in place of the CP Snow building, and will provide a new home for both the School of Pharmacy, and the School of Life Sciences. As well as hosting new social spaces and classes for those schools, this new addition to College Lane’s infrastructure possesses the most up-to-date teaching and research facilities, while being as env

How to avoid Fresher’s flu?!

by Aimone- Head of Editorial What is freshers’ flu I hear you say?! Well the urban dictionary, also known as an essential tool for University students, describes the freshers’ flu as: “When people come together at the start of term bringing with them germs from all over the country. The result is a form of cold or cough or general feeling of illness”…. accurate?! See for yourself! We have racked our brains to find the perfect guide to be germ free… or at least try. Brace your

Hatfield butcher finalist for county-wide food and drink award

[Oliver Price | News Manager] Bob’s Family Butchers, owned by Hatfield resident Mark Burley, has been placed on the finalists list of the Hertfordshire Food & Drink Awards 2016 for the Best Independent Butcher category. The winners of the competition will be announced in June. Trident Media caught up with Mark for an interview about being a butcher, life in Hatfield, and the competition. TM: Why did you become a butcher? MB: We bought the shop four and a half years ago and I’

Girl’s Football Week a success

Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager Girl’s Football Week has come to end, nevertheless the impact made on the girls at University might just be the start of a new passion! Abby Sanderson coordinated the events on and off campus including a futsal session and a 6-a-side tournament at Brunel. With the help of Active students and Herts Athletic Union, the week was a success and good fun for the participating girls, especially considering the stress of the exam period. On Tuesday th

Ascent Demo Review

[Oliver Price | News Manager] It’s pretty clear to see why the demo of Ascent won Game of the Year from the CG Student Awards. In Ascent you play as a grasshopper-person named Tari, as she tries to make it from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen. The description says that you have been compelled to climb a tree after being infected with a cordyceps fungus, the very same fungus infecting people in the smash hit zombie game The Last of Us. However, the

Interview with Zakia Abdullah: Game Developer of Ascent

[Lashara Van Heerden | Features Manager] Ascent is an indie game with unique visuals in a botanical design, which won the CG Student Awards for Game of the Year in 2015. I caught up with Zakia Abdullah, one of the game developers for Ascent and she gave me the bigger picture of creating a game in a team. Note: Zakia’s answers for this interview included input from all of Ascent’s team members. TM: Please tell me about the game developers that helped create this game. What the

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