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Controversial NHS Ban On Surgery For Smokers And Overweight People.

By Zoe Fripp Smokers and overweight patients will be banned from undergoing surgery by the NHS unless they can quit their habit or lose weight, in a new provision drawn up in Hertfordshire. The restrictions mean that obese patients, who in the past would have faced delays, could be refused surgery entirely until they can lose weight. Patients with a BMI of 30 or more must lose at least 10% of their weight, and those with a BMI of over 40 must lose at least 15% before they are

Antidepressants Gave Me My Life Back, And That’s Not A Bad Thing

This article was originally written for The Odyssey Online and has been posted here with the author’s permission. I’d had enough of the constant nerves riddling my mind, the constant sickness in my stomach and the fogginess that would creep up on me. In all honesty, I had given up on my therapy. Not because my counselor was bad — she was excellent — but in a state of anxiety and depression coupled with panic attacks, it felt impossible to focus on the tasks given in my cognit

Breakout! Harry Potter Party: Is It StudentWorthy?

By Robert Wheatley StudentWorthy is a segment in which a student looks at the stuff going on at the University of Hertfordshire, to see if it’s really worth your $$. Last week, we interviewed Breakout!‘s Harry Potter Party event organisers, Josh Watson and Luke Osborne, to find out what was in store for lovers of magic (and nights out). While The Trident was a little disappointed to find that the theming was a little less than Hogwarts-worthy, and the merchandise give-away pr

5 Top Tips To Maintain Good Mental Health At University

By Pelumi Agboola It’s about three weeks in and Freshers has passed, lectures have kicked off, assignments and reading are flying your way, you’ve only just recovered from the dreaded fresher’s flu, and you’re feeling very overwhelmed. Sound familiar? Well, if you’re like me and many others, the thought of lectures make you feel anxious, and deadlines just seem too close, which gives you a lot of stress. Whether you’re a first year, a second year, or even a Master’s or intern

#NationalComingOutDay: I’m Constantly Coming Out As A Member Of The LGBTQ+ Community

This article was originally written for The Odyssey Online, and has been posted here with the author’s permission. My coming out experience with my parents was accidental. Kind of. As queer folks tend to do, I initially came out to close friends; my friends at secondary school and people I knew wouldn’t judge me for it. The response I have received to coming out has mostly been incredibly supportive, and I cannot downplay just how lucky I’ve been. See, I’d wanted to come out

[How You Feeling?] Dissociative Disorders

By Robert Wheatley – Health and Innovations Editor Every month, Trident Media will highlight certain mental disorders to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of your mind’s wellbeing. University can be stressful, so paying attention to your mental health is very important. If you’re ever feeling like you can’t cope, reach out to friends and family, and if needed, the University of Hertfordshire has services available to help manage your stress. Dissociation isn’t

World Cancer Day

By Hannah Wileman – Contributing Writer Today is World Cancer Day! February 4th is a marked as World Cancer Day, a day when people can come together to help fight against cancer. Proceeds from this day help go on to fund research into new methods of detecting and treating many different types of cancer. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the UK with on average 350,000 new cases, causing over 150,000 deaths, each year; and 42% of these are preventable by lifestyle

[How You Feeling?] Anxiety disorder

By Robert Wheatley – Health and Innovations Editor Every month, Trident Media will highlight certain mental disorders to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of your mind’s wellbeing. University can be stressful, so paying attention to your mental health is very important. If you’re ever feeling like you can’t cope, reach out to friends and family, and if needed, the University of Hertfordshire has services available to help manage your stress. I suppose it’s wort

What’s New in the World of Science?

By Leong Qi Tyng – Contributing Writer A new year brings new scientific discoveries. In this article, I summarised a few of the recent discoveries made by researchers around the world. While researching for this topic, I was amazed and excited to find that some of the new studies were published just a week ago! Trump, the moth Via Wikipedia The poor moth was named after Donald Trump, all because it has golden flakes covering its tiny head. The Neopalpa donaldtrumpi was discov

Winter Illnesses

By Robert Wheatley – Health and Innovations Editor Yes, there are things worse than exams, and these exist at a microscopic level: microorganisms! Unlike standardised testing, no amount of revision combats illness; it requires plenty of rest and fluids, much like the average student does after exams are over. Why do we get sick in the winter more often? Believe it or not, we’re not entirely sure, but scientists posit a few factors from genes changing as the seasons roll on, o

What’s Happening in Science

By Robert Wheatley – Health and Innovation Editor What’s going on in the realm of discovery? Off to a rough start, global warming is affecting the Great Barrier Reef’s marine life, resulting in large quantities of coral dying — however, scientists suggest potential for recovery. Most change has been for the positive: we’ve discovered almost 1,500 new viruses as a result of studying creatures not often considered, and Women in Science are aiming to combat misogyny and anti-imm

The Honest Student

By Jake Borrett – Contributing Writer University can be challenging, but it can be harder if you have a disability. I have Crohn’s disease and dyspraxia. If you told me five years ago I would have graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in September 2016 with a First-class honours in English Literature and Creative Writing, I would not have believed you. It was stressful at times having to balance assignments and socialising, not only with my health but also having a f

How to avoid Fresher’s flu?!

by Aimone- Head of Editorial What is freshers’ flu I hear you say?! Well the urban dictionary, also known as an essential tool for University students, describes the freshers’ flu as: “When people come together at the start of term bringing with them germs from all over the country. The result is a form of cold or cough or general feeling of illness”…. accurate?! See for yourself! We have racked our brains to find the perfect guide to be germ free… or at least try. Brace your

What’s happening to students’ mental health?

Image: Pixabay [April Wilson | TV Director] With the threat of a hike in tuition fees (again) and increased competition in the job market, it appears that the pressure on students is continuing to rise. What toll does this take on students’ mental health? Student Stress While starting university can be an exciting experience, it is also a very stressful time for students. Many students will have never lived away from home before or have never been apart from their family for

Profile interview of Vice President Student Activities, Annabel Mabin.

Image: Tom Boon [Kieran Burman | Contributing Writer] Annabel is sat at her desk, computer on and hockey ball in her stationery holder, you can see this isn’t where she’s comfortable though; she loves sport and everything about it: “There’s a buzz that playing sport gives you that you don’t get from anything else.” Office work can be fun – especially in the Students’ Union, but quite clearly not compared to sport, as far as she is concerned, and that resonates when she speaks

Are you getting your daily dose of vitamin C?

Image: Unsplash – Lauren Mancke [Raymond Adekolu | Contributing Writer] What is vitamin C? Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin (i.e. it dissolves in water), that plays an essential role in normal growth and development. Image: Unsplash – Milo McDowell What is it used for? Vitamin C is required to aid a lot of different functions in the body such as: growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body (e.g. skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood v

Waist trainers: fashion fad or fitness fix?

Image: Unsplash – Angelina Litvin [Anthony Ladipo | Contributing Writer] Waist trainers have become the latest female-targeted fitness trend to storm 2015-2016. But what are they and do they really work? The Kardashian sisters, Jessica Alba and many more female A-list celebrities have endlessly promoted the effects of theses modern-day corsets. Unlike the lofty success stories of Hollywood fanatics, professionals in the field of health question their long-term health benefits

Herts Women Hockey 1st team against King’s College 3rd

[Georgia Porter | Sports Editor] The University of Hertfordshire’s Women’s Hockey 1st team continue their winning streak after a landslide 6-0 win against King’s College (GKT) 3rd team, in their first game back after the Christmas break. The harsh weather conditions didn’t hinder their team spirit, as the girls dominated possession of the ball throughout the match with all of the players given equal game time. The beginning of the game was scrappy as both teams got into their

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Image: Unsplash – Jairo Alzate [Maxine Walker-Harris | Contributing Writer] This week was National eating disorders awareness week and the UK’s leading charity, Beat, who supports those affected by an eating disorder, has used this week to tackle the stigma that surrounds this issue. Charities like Beat are working hard to increase public knowledge of a mental health issue that is sadly a huge problem in the UK. A report commissioned by Beat in 2015 estimates that more than 7

Yoga is the best thing you can do for your body

Image: Pixabay [Catie Allwright | Contributing Writer] My resolution at the beginning of 2015 was to find a method of exercise that works for me and to stick to it. That is when I discovered yoga. I’m by no means an expert but have recognised first-hand the benefits of yoga for the mind, body and soul. This is me encouraging you all to join me and reap those benefits! 1. It’s for everyone! Yoga is personal to the individual. It is not competitive, and there is no right or wro