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Interview with Isobelle Clarke: graduate talk about success and happiness

Image: Isobelle Clarke [Carolin Simon | Contributing Writer] Isobelle climbed high on the happiness and success ladder in the past years. She completed her undergraduate studies with the highest first class honours award, which no full-time humanities student had ever received before. She participated in the TEDx Talks at the University of Hertfordshire and received a scholarship to fulfil her dream of going into deeper research of Forensic Linguistics. Her success secret see

Sex and the Univercity: happiness

The elusive happiness: an end goal to pursue, or a daily lifestyle choice? I guess the question in that case is, what makes you happy? And can you be happy all of the time? I don’t have answers to either of these, but they’ve got my thought muscles flexing. In particular I’d like to know how happy you should be in a relationship, or rather, how a relationship should affect your overall happiness. I hadn’t really considered this until I experienced more than once a mentality I

Grumpy Corner – The Pursuit from Happiness

[Aiden Perrins | Contributing writer] In 2014 Pharrell Williams sent out some kind of brainwash song and now people seem happy, like all the time. When I go to my lecture at 9am on a Monday morning I don’t want to be greeted by an upbeat smile, I want the sentence: “Hi, how are you? How was your weekend?” to be condensed into a tired grunt. This is not saying I am never happy, but I love to rant about things, so when I am happy I enter a strange paradox where I’m annoyed at h