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What’s On At UH: Battle of the Campuses, Zombies & Thorpe Park

By Robert Wheatley This year’s launch of the Battle of the Campuses has been successful so far, but some students might not even know what it is. Because of this, The Trident decided to sit down with the Student Union’s VP of Activities, Rosy Vega, who gave us some insight into the tournaments, and what inspired the competition. It was also the perfect time to find out what the SU also has plans for to finish off this October month, and what is in store for us sounds incredib

Spooky Soundtracks

By Leong Qi Tyng – Contributing Writer When I was nine years old, my class teacher at the time loved telling ghost stories before school ended. It was late in the evening so by the time I got home, the skies already darkened and my imagination went wild. It was also the first time I was taught a Malay song named Ulik Mayang which spooked me, so it did not make things any better! It wasn’t a scary song but somehow the tune haunted me. Asian ghost stories are just spookier for

Top 5 most awesome Halloween movies of all time

By Michael Watkis- Contributing writer Halloween really is a wonderful holiday. An excuse to dress up as a favourite character or celebrity, go to parties, and eat a ridiculous amount of tiny chocolate bars. It’s also a great excuse to watch a great and beloved genre of films, ‘Scary Movies’. For this list, we present what we consider the ‘Top 5 most awesome Halloween movies of all time’. Ranging from ghosts and other supernatural antagonists, to crazy humans who just want to

Top 10 horror movies of all time

[Maxine Weller | Contributing Writer] Trident Media thought it would be fitting to do a countdown some of the most popular and most loved horror movies of all time to celebrate Halloween! Why not gather all of your housemates together with some of your favourite Halloween snacks and have a movie marathon? (And maybe scare the pants off each other!) Now, while many of us enjoy being scared, horror movies are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some of the most loved horror flicks do no

Zombie Invasion developments

[Jennie Couling | Contributing Writer] Following the announcement from Trident Media last week, students flocked to the EleHouse to be evacuated from campus after it had been reported that members of the public were behaving strangely around the College Lane area. Hertfordshire Raise and Give issued a statement saying this was due to a virus that causes the infected to “act erratically. Early signs include redness of the skin and eyes as well as internal and external bleeding

Halloween! 2014 at The Forum Hertfordshire

[Jade Owen | Contributing Writer] “Halloween! 2014” featuring Duke was a hit this year at the Forum. The event, which sold out days in advance, was filled with people dressed to impress – and who could blame them with the best costume winning a whopping £1000 cash prize! The main act of the night, beatboxing group Duke, had the crowd in a frenzy, covering hits including ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke and Scrubs, as well as popular house and garage. Duke pulled out all the st

Breakout: Alternative Halloween night

[Jade Owen | Contributing Writer] It’s that time of year again. The time for playing pranks, telling scary stories and dressing up, the gorier the better.  And what better way to celebrate than with fire dancers Pyrohex and popular TV pranksters Dirty Sanchez. The event, which was held on the 30th October, appropriately called Breakout Alternative Halloween, catered to students with less mainstream music tastes and featured songs from bands such as All Time Low, Kids in Glass

[BREAKING NEWS] Zombie Invasion of College Lane

[Brad Johnson |Deputy Editor] Members of the public have been seen behaving erratically on the College Lane Campus at the University of Hertfordshire. If rumours are to be believed, an infection has spread across the campus, turning normal students into flesh eating zombies. It is vital that all students attend their designated evacuation day to avoid infection. An evacuation route has been designed across the campus to ensure a safe evacuation. Saturday 1st November 2014. Fr

When is it creepy to still be Trick-or-Treating?

[Laura Noakes | Deputy Editor] Many see Trick or Treating as a harmless, fun activity for kids to do on Halloween. The excitement over dressing up in favourite costumes and a copious amount of sweet treats makes for a lot of very happy children. However, many older people dislike Trick or Treating, and according to a survey conducted in 2011, almost a quarter of adults feel that Trick or Treating shouldn’t happen. Strangers knocking on doors and demanding sweets can be very i

Halloween: 6 Of TV and Film’s Least Convincing Monsters

[Jennie Couling | Contributor] In every film with monsters, millions of pounds are spent on special effects, casting and sets. And what do the costume department get? £50 and someone’s gran’s sewing machine. Result? Some absolute beauties. Martians, War of the Worlds (1953) The end of humanity has begun. The Martians decide that, after centuries of lying dormant underground, now is the time to attack. But what weapons should they use? They put their amazingly large and advanc

Is Hatfield haunted?

[Amy Dodwell | Contributing Writer] Hatfield is full of history and it is clear that not all of it has disappeared as there have been many ghostly sightings over the years. The most popular tourist destination in the town is Hatfield House; well known for its history with Queen Elizabeth I. Within the grounds is the famous ‘Queen Elizabeth Oak’, which is allegedly where Elizabeth I was sitting when she was told she was Queen following Mary’s death. Following the first Marchio

The Best Gothic Literature

[Mercedes Brazier | Sports Sub Editor] The Gothic Genre was introduced at the end of the Romanticism era, hence why most novels contain aspects of both, and the novel to be first termed ‘Gothic’ was The Castle of Ontario which was released in 1764 and would inspire a new genre that would become very popular in the coming century. It is the story of Manfred, lord of the castle, and his family. Manfred’s son dies on his wedding day, and fearing the end of his line, he attempts

What to do if you’re not Trick-or-Treating?

[Laura Noakes | Deputy Editor] So Halloween is upon us again, and already the shops are full of witches costumes, vampire teeth and pumpkins. I love Halloween but I think at twenty-one I might be slightly too old to spend the night trick-or-treating and gorging myself on sweets. So here are some slightly more grown up ways to capture that Halloween magic. If you’re up for going out this year, then The Forum has got you covered. Their Flirt! Halloween special features Beatboxe

Top Five Halloween Movies

[Laura Noakes | Deputy Print Editor] If you’re a little unsure of what to watch this Halloween night, I’ve got you covered. Whether you like ghosts, 90’s classics or good old fashioned horror, here are my top five picks for movies to watch this October 31st. 1) Scream – Scream is the classic cult slasher film. It follows a killer named Ghostface who is steadily murdering more and more people in a small town. With a smart plot that doesn’t conform to horror cliches, this is a