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The Elehouse: Is it Studentworthy?!

StudentWorthy usually challenges one of Trident Media’s team to try then review a service on offer at the University of Hertfordshire, like we’ve done previously with Breakout!, but we realised there was something it was missing: YOU! That’s not a threat: what we mean is, wouldn’t finding out something’s student-worthiness incorporate the actual voices of our university’s community? Of course, it would, which is why we changed it up this time around, and went on a long quest

(World Vegan Day) Why I Went Vegan

By Robert Wheatley It’s World Vegan Day; the day us vegans fuse together to generate renewable energy and tell people we’re vegan. We tend to have a bit of a bad rep, us plant-eaters: supposedly we’re either shoving our diet in people’s faces or causing harm to plants because they supposedly feel pain. Personally, I haven’t encountered any militant vegans slapping the burgers from people’s hands, yelling “MEAT IS MURDER”; and, secondly… listen: I have to eat something. Like,

What’s On At UH: Battle of the Campuses begins!

Are YOU prepared to defend your campus? Can you defeat College Lane in a battle of Flip Cup, or can you triumph over De Hav in an extreme, all-you-can-eat chicken nugget challenge? If so, come prove yourself at the launch of the Battle of the Campuses, tomorrow at 7pm at the Elehouse! As a University of Hertfordshire student living on campus, you’re automatically enrolled into the battle; meaning it could be YOU that declares your side’s victory. Throughout the year the unive

Nigerian society’s cultural night

By Pelumi Agboolaa “The beauty in cultural diversity” was the theme of the cultural night on the 18th May and showing cultural diversity is exactly what the Nigeran society did. Hosted by Ayomide Sodia and Blossom Odubu. We got a massive insight into the vibrate, exuberant and delightful culture of Nigeran and from all around Africa. The room was buzzing with members of the society and others not only Nigerans but Gambians, Ghanaians, Europeans and many other people all came

Top 10 Pancake Toppings

By Aiste Niuniavaite – Contributing Writer Pancake day is just around the corner, on the 28th of February to be exact. Pancakes are simple and quick to make, but toppings are the way in which you can really excite the taste buds. American-style pancakes can be made by adding baking soda to the mixture which creates fluffier and even more irresistible pancakes. Or make some waffles. Or just whip up the classic pancake in the pan with an attempted flip. Maple Syrup and Strawber

Is campus food worth the cost?

[Tom Boon | Contributing Writer] In November 2015, the SU announced its priority campaign for the academic year, Campus Costs, saying: “Whether it’s paying for rent, getting to campus or grabbing some lunch, we know that the cost of living is a priority issue for students at Hertfordshire. We know that every pound spent on extra course costs and on living in one of the country’s most expensive regions can all add up.” One of the main concerns is that alternative food options

Hygiene Hell for Club de Hav

[Tom Boon | Contributing Writer] Club de Havilland has received 1 out of 5 rating for food hygiene. Some people see eating out as a treat. You go for a meal, order your food, then it arrives. The thing is, do you really know what goes into preparing your food? The Food Standards Agency’s food hygiene rating scheme aims to inform consumers about what preparation goes into the food they’re eating. The FSA states: “It’s not easy to judge hygiene standards on appearance alone, so

Recipes for the everyday vegan

Image: Pixabay [Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writer] Originally meaty favourites, these two recipes are now available to vegan superstars, and make you realise there’s more to our food than sadness. Shepherd’s pie Image: Sodanie Chea, Flickr, CC BY 4.0 A recipe I created on my own with help from various online recipe guides. Serves 6-8. Ingredients Filling 1 medium onion, diced 4 cloves garlic, minced 500g uncooked brown or green lentils, rinsed and drained Any amount of mixe

The easiest vegan pancakes ever

[Catie Allwright | Contributing Writer] Three ingredients, no fuss. It couldn’t be simpler to win at Pancake Day this year! Ingredients 1 mug self raising flour 1½ mugs plant milk (I’ve used soya, almond and oat, they all turned out perfectly) 1 generous teaspoon baking powder Whichever toppings you fancy! Method No special skills required here, just mix all of the ingredients (excluding the toppings) up with a fork or hand whisk and you’ll be good to go. I tend to mix them t

Student Stir Fry

Georgia Porter | Contributing Writer It’s time to put down those take away menus and ready meals! This student stir fry is a quick, delicious and nutritious main meal; just what you need after a long day of lectures! Some of the ingredients will keep well in your cupboard for a long length of time, so not only does this save you the regular long trek to Aldi or Asda, it saves you money too. Portion control is an issue when students start to cook for themselves; this recipe gi

16th September: Guacamole Day

[Laura Slingo | News Editor] Holy Guacamole! Yep, it’s guacamole day! Our favourite companion to Mexican cuisine and it’s filled with wonderful antioxidants, amino acids and essential oils so your skin gets a make over too! In honour of our good condiment friend guacamole, here’s our top 10 facts about this tasty avocado based treat: Guacamole was invented in the 16th century by the Aztecs. Musician Jason Mraz has an avocado farm. A Spanish to English pronunciation guide from

Easy & Healthy Banana Pancakes Recipe

[Laura Noakes | Deputy Editor] It’s summer, and exam stress has FINALLY gone. Many people (myself included) are using this stress-free time to eat a little healthier, and this really easy pancake recipe is my go-to snack at the moment. Not only is it so simple to make that even I can do it (and I once burnt salad – long story), but it’s also delicious – I actually LIKE bananas again! Ingredients 2 bananas (the riper the better) 2 eggs 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder 1/2 teaspoo

10 tips for anyone fasting this Ramadan

[Iqra Dahir Abdi | Contributing Writer] Fasting requires you to stop eating for well over 13 hours. It would be silly to assume that your stomach would be the only thing affected during this time. The mind plays a big role when fasting. I believe the mind can be trained and thus make Ramadan easier for yourself. 1) Stay hydrated Anyone who has ever fasted knows the headache that can happen as a result of dehydration. It’s especially important when Ramadan falls on the hotter

The Swedish Princess Torta Recipe

[Marie Land Andersen | Contributing Writer] The Swedish Princess Torta cake originated in a recipe book named The Princesses New Cook Book, in 1948. The cake was originally named “The Green Torta”, but was later re-named the Princess Torta, supposedly because all of the princesses expressed a particular fondness for the cake. You might know of this cake already, if you watched the 2014 season of The Great British Bake Off where it featured in a technical challenge. Ingredient

Around the World Recipes: A Taste of Travel

[Chloe Burrowes | Contributing Writer] This BlueMoon issue theme is Around the World; therefore Lloyd Henley and I have brought you some worldly recipes incorporating many countries and cultures. From extraordinary burgers (dreamt up in Lloyd’s head) served with homemade versions of your favourite sides, to a curry made from scratch that literally cannot be compared to any jar you’d find in the supermarket, we have tried to give you a little bite of the whole world. If you fa

Food so wrong… It’s right!

[Chloe Burrowes | Contributing Writer] Lloyd Henley and I are back again to bring you some daring new recipes. These strange food combinations are ingredients that usually would be kept apart but when put together produce tasty dishes. So dare to be different and try these oh-so-right recipes. Broccoli and Peanut Butter Soup This changes up an ordinary vegetable soup with the peanut butter twist; perfect for a starter or as a filling lunch. 1 x white onion 2 cloves of garlic

Grumpy Corner: Hit ’em in the Polls

You know what’s really annoying? When you ask someone where they want to eat, and they say they don’t mind, so you make a reservation at your favourite restaurant, take them there, and then they complain that they didn’t want to eat Italian, they wanted Chinese. You know what else is really annoying? People who “aren’t interested in politics”. Are you voting in the next general election? Are you registered to vote? Did you even know that you had to register? If the answer to

Recipes: Faking it fancy for Valentine’s Day

[Chloe Burrowes | Contributing Writer] If calling up restaurants and trying to find somewhere to book in last minute on Valentine’s Day has happened to you; it may be time to try your hand at cooking your own tasty dishes. I have teamed up with Lloyd Henley, a Songwriting and Music Production student and prolific Instagram food poster to give you a three course meal that will look restaurant quality but without the hefty price tag. All it requires is some time and we will hel

Food for a Fiver: Hot Dog Spaghetti

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] (£2.50 or £4.84 = 63p or £1.21 per serving) Serves 4 Ingredients 500g Pasta – 50p 12 jumbo hot dogs (2 tins) – £2.00 Pinch of salt Optional toppings and sides 500g Tomato and Garlic Pasta Sauce – 84p Grated Hard Cheese – £1.18 Garlic Baguette – 32p Method Follow the instructions on the packaging to cook the garlic baguette. Cut the hot dogs into small, even chucks, and then poke 4-5 pieces of uncooked spaghetti through each piece of hot dog.

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