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How to avoid Fresher’s flu?!

by Aimone- Head of Editorial What is freshers’ flu I hear you say?! Well the urban dictionary, also known as an essential tool for University students, describes the freshers’ flu as: “When people come together at the start of term bringing with them germs from all over the country. The result is a form of cold or cough or general feeling of illness”…. accurate?! See for yourself! We have racked our brains to find the perfect guide to be germ free… or at least try. Brace your

Myths about winter flu: fact or fiction?

[Emma Langschied | Design Sub Editor] Colds and flu are already beginning to creep into classrooms and with an “arctic freeze” forecast by scientists, it seems appropriate to filter out the fact from the fiction when it comes to tackling winter illnesses. Over-the-counter cold and flu medicine company, Theraflu, conducted some research to discover whether any advice passed down through generations about winter colds and flu, relate to any scientific fact. “Feed a cold and sta