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Top 5 Christmas Movies

By Michael Watkis – Contributing Writer ‘Tis the season people. With Halloween long gone and our American friends had their fill of Thanksgiving, we can now get majorly hyped for Christmas. The great thing is that there are so many ways to pick your spirits up after all this degree nonsense, we got songs, decorations, and of course Christmas movies. So strap yourselves in because we have another top 5 list, this time of all the greatest Christmas movies. Jingle all the way- C

5 Films for Freshers

[Image: Disney Pixar] [Hannah Bicknell | Features Editor] It’s getting to be about that time. The decisions have been made, the big move is complete and you’ve met the crazy person next door. Now what? Well we all know that as a fresher, you’re going to face challenges that you never even saw coming. So, we have compiled a list of the top five movies to watch to help prepare you and possibly give a little insight into what you can expect in your first year. So why not sit bac

Five most anticipated films of 2015

[Deputy Editor | Laura Noakes] With a new year comes new movies, and 2015 does not disappoint. This year is packed with anticipated films, from rom-coms to action thrillers to reboots of classics. Here are the films you definitely don’t want to miss in 2015: Fifty Shades of Grey Release date: February 14th 2015 Four years ago Fifty Shades of Grey was released, an erotic drama novel that became a worldwide smash hit. The book has now been adapted into a movie which tells the

Celebrating the Elstree Studios

From Borehamwood to Hollywood [Ellie Pilcher | Contributing Writer] On Thursday 13th of November, the Weston Auditorium was full of movie-lovers and Hertfordshire-residents eager to watch the fall and rise of the beloved Elstree Studios. In a documentary of interviews, spanning four years of work, Barbara Windsor narrated the tale of the studios from its changing-hands to its part in the creation of Star Wars and now as the home of BBC and ITV productions such as ‘Strictly C

Halloween: 6 Of TV and Film’s Least Convincing Monsters

[Jennie Couling | Contributor] In every film with monsters, millions of pounds are spent on special effects, casting and sets. And what do the costume department get? £50 and someone’s gran’s sewing machine. Result? Some absolute beauties. Martians, War of the Worlds (1953) The end of humanity has begun. The Martians decide that, after centuries of lying dormant underground, now is the time to attack. But what weapons should they use? They put their amazingly large and advanc