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Comic Review: Wonder Woman: Earth One, Vol. 1

[Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor] Earth One is a new Wonder Woman origins story written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Yanick Paquette. I will admit that I haven’t ever read any Wonder Woman comics. Earth One was my first foray into the world of Diana and her Amazonian sisters. However, I am aware of what Wonder Woman stands for; she’s an image of female power in the significantly patriarchal world of superheroes. Unfortunately, you could totally miss this when readi

I am all for the pink tax

Image: Pixabay [Maxine Walker-Harris | Contributing Writer] Apparently women are paying more for the same products that men use, especially personal care products. I have recently found a lot of women talking about the “pink tax” and how unfair it is we have to pay more for the same products. Even the government is getting involved and ongoing petitions are calling for leading retailers to drop their prices. I am all for the the pink tax because women’s products often have di

Women should not be charged more than men

Unsplash – Martin Miranda.jpg [Hannah Bicknell | Features Editor] Should women be charged more than men? Absolutely not. It’s just adding salt to the wound after the revelation that female graduates are still being paid thousands of pounds less than men for the exact same job. It’s one thing for businesses at some point in their retail history to exploit their customers, however it’s another for them to consistently exploit based on gender. The concept where women pay more fo

How much is your gender worth?

Image: Pixabay [Catie Allwright | Contributing Writer] I’m frowning to myself as I contemplate how to even go about writing this, it’s disappointing to realise that there exists enough dispute on the matter to warrant an argument. Should women be allowed to vote? Should the intra-marital rape of women be considered a crime? Should women be charged more than men? As far as I’m concerned, all three questions are utterly ridiculous with a blindingly obvious answer to anyone who

22nd September – Business Women’s Day

Image: Pixabay [Laura Slingo – News Editor] It will come as no shock to you that Business Women’s Day was created in aid of celebrating the contributions women make to the business world. This awareness day also has the intention of strengthening ways to give women more equality in business and in the workplace as prejudices are still apparent across the globe. Business Women’s Day is technically an American awareness day, which is no surprise considering the gender pay gap s

A feminist reaction to the ‘Why I’m Not a Feminist’ Video

[Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor] DISCLAIMER: This article is brief and does not claim to cover all experiences for all women. Please do your own research. These opinions are my own and are not necessarily those of Trident Media or Hertfordshire Students’ Union. So you may have seen it. There is a (relatively old) video currently making the rounds on Facebook that features a young women denouncing her need for feminism. The video has become a viral success despite it’s lac

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