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80s Fashion that’s making a comeback

By Leong Qi Tyng – Contributing Writer “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” Ralph Lauren I am no fashion expert but it’s easy to tell which fashion style is timeless. Fortunately for us, some ‘80s style are making a comeback. I think it’s fortunate because we get to experiment more with our clothes and look for inspirations from fashion icons of the time such as Madonna, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Jane F

What Beyoncé’s ‘Ivy Park’ Sweatshop Scandal Tells Us About the Fashion Industry

Image: Beyoncé in her ‘Where is your Park’ video [April Wilson | TV Director] Beyoncé’s highly anticipated ‘Ivy Park’ clothing range that was created in collaboration with Topshop’s parent company Arcadia (CEO, Sir Philip Green) has been in the news recently. It has been reported that the range is the product of sweatshop labour, with workers paid as little as £4.30 a day. Is this information really a surprise to the British public? Beyoncé’s Ivy Park range has mainly come un

Grumpy Corner: Fake Pockets

Image: Pixabay [Anonymous writer] Fake pockets or ‘decorative pockets’ as they may be known, is just like putting glitter on a turd, it is what it is, deceit. If you don’t quite feel the gravity of the topic here’s an emotional story to help, make sure you’re sitting down because it’s about to get real. Sit in a quiet room, feel the story, live the story. So here it goes, you’re about to lose all hope and the will to live because the coat you currently own is just not cutting

Student-run fashion show raises money for charity

Image: Pixabay [Laura Slingo | News Editor] On Thursday 3rd ,March, Event Management students Nancy Lund, Alina Lin and Lauren Mainwaring watched their well-planned fashion show come to life. In time for Europe Week (29th February – 4th March) the final-year students organised an event for their Event Project Module with the Study Abroad team at the University of Hertfordshire as their clients. Pitching such a unique event as a fashion show to the Study Abroad Department lead

Waist trainers: fashion fad or fitness fix?

Image: Unsplash – Angelina Litvin [Anthony Ladipo | Contributing Writer] Waist trainers have become the latest female-targeted fitness trend to storm 2015-2016. But what are they and do they really work? The Kardashian sisters, Jessica Alba and many more female A-list celebrities have endlessly promoted the effects of theses modern-day corsets. Unlike the lofty success stories of Hollywood fanatics, professionals in the field of health question their long-term health benefits

New Fashion & Fashion Business course

Image: HSMCH, Wikipedia Commons [Lashara Van Heerden | Features Manager] This September, the School of Creative Arts launched the Fashion and Fashion Business award in response to the evolving fashion industry. Programme Leader for the Fashion and Fashion Business degree, Tony Rosella, explains that “[they] have designed an award that [they] feel is relevant, not just relevant to a national market, but to an international market too.” The new course prepares students for a pr

Freshers’ Fashion Fairy Godmother

Featured Image: PixaBay [Tia Marsom | Contributing Writer] Regardless of whether you’re a shiny new fresher or a Forum veteran, everyone struggles with the horror that is a fancy dress party. However, fear not humble students. Your fashion fairy godmother is here to offer some valuable advice! Our first fashion conscience event begins on the 27th September with the American Pie Frat Party. For this, I recommend either a classic cheerleader or jock outfit, or your standard kne

Fashion on campus: Winter Wardrobes

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] It’s that time of year again where you dust off the duffle coats and pull out the old thick jumpers. However, some students around campus haven’t let the arctic conditions phase them and have spruced themselves up with a brand new winter wardrobe. BlueMoon approached three stylish students this month and even managed to find one of the most fashionable and designer-labelled guys on campus! Whilst a few students we spoke to about their winter

Hatfield House Frost Fair

[Emma Langschied | Design Sub Editor] Rain did not dampen shoppers’ spirits at Hatfield House’s Frost Fair last weekend. The Stable Yard, marquees and some of Hatfield House itself, provided a festive sanctuary for visitors from Hertfordshire and surrounding counties. 200 stands adorned with Christmas gifts filled the area with a sweet Christmas scent to accompany the busy browsing of everything from ornaments, to cheese boards and fluffy hats to Indian scarves. One stall fea

St Albans Fashion Week: Luxe Show

[Krystyna King and Kealie Mardell] Add some 1930s glamour, a sprinkle of glitter and that dazzling live Jazz band and you have the beginning of St. Albans Fashion Week, with the Luxe Catwalk Show. Entering the Porsche Centre, Hatfield, on Monday 27th October, you are surrounded by champagne and luxury cars, giving the event a well welcomed reception of excited chatter before the show begins. With showcases on display from a range of local businesses, visitors were dressed to

St Albans Fashion Week: Jewellery Design

One child’s smile for one necklace… [Cristina Aroldi | Contributing Writer] The lovely and characteristic city of St Albans was painted by children’s smiles on the 28th October. From 11 to 12 am in the Fashion Week Office, French Row, about 20 children accompanied by their parents decided to attend the Children Jewellery Event in order to learn how to make necklaces and have fun at the same time. A father of two twins enjoying the event said: “I decided to come to keep childr

Wedding Catwalk Show

Krystyna King- Events Secretary Wednesday 29th October Located in the picturesque Hatfield House, this show gave the elegance and decadence that it so rightly deserved. A perfect inspiration for Brides to Be and fashion seekers, hosted in the function room, with paintings and tapestries that added to the elite surroundings. All of the chairs facing the catwalk were decorated with a programme and a lovely goodie bag, lots of perfume samples, sweets and vouchers. The models in

Upcoming events: St Albans Fashion Week and more

[Krystyna King | Events Secretary] St Alban’s Fashion Week 2014 – 27th October – 2nd November Rebecca Harding tells Trident Media what Fashion Week has to offer for personal and career gain. Plus, what you can look forward to during this exclusive high end event. Definitely a week you cannot miss out on! Those interested in fashion, design, modelling, styling and beauty will find these events very ideal. As it is located so close to the university, there is no excuse! The wee