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Game of Thrones, Season 6 Episode 3: Oathbreaker (Spoilers!)

[Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writer] Bran is finally getting somewhere. I’m extremely excited about how close he is to what could be Jon Snows birth! *children start cheering, party poppers go off in the background, world peace and stuff.* So in this episode, Bran travels back to a young Ned Stark fighting off Ser Arthur Dayne at the foot of the Tower of Joy. The tower, which is in Dorne (home of the Martell family, RIP Oberyn) supposedly held Ned’s sister, Lyanna, who was c

Game of Thrones, Season 6 Episode 2: Home (Spoilers!)

[Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writer] If I ever get asked at a future job interview what my proudest achievement is, not screaming “Hallelujah the old Gods and new have heard my prayers JON SNOW IS ALIVE!” at my TV screen would probably be it. The most unwanted on-screen death has finally been reversed, and Melisandre is back on my Christmas card list. Jon’s death left too many questions unanswered, like his parentage and that look one of the White Walkers gave him. He just c

Game of Thrones Season Six: Predictions (Spoilers)

[Contributing Writer | Emily Alvarenga] The time has finally come to begin gearing up for season six of Game of Thrones; time to start counting down the days, maybe even hours, until its premiere on April 24th. Although Game of Thrones has never been shy about leaving its main characters in absolute shambles, the season five finale was by far the worst single episode for almost every character who matters. And yes, we do remember the dreadful Red Wedding. After such a heart-w

The Best of Children’s Literature

Image: Pixabay [Laura Slingo | News Editor] While living the life of a university student, we may regularly forget the true joys of carefree, unbounded reading that we once experienced as a child. Didn’t enjoy reading as a child? You missed out, my friend. Here’s a list of some of my personal favourites from back in the day. If you haven’t read them, you must! These books are fantastic no matter what your age. The Tale of Peter Rabbit – Beatrix Potter (1902) I had the entire

Top 5 diseases that sound like they are right out of fanatasy

Image: [Betlehem Fekade | Innovation Editor] The human body is a complex mechanism, capable of many wondrous feats, but nothing is more mysterious or confounding as these strange illnesses which sound like they’ve been plucked out of a fantasy series. Here are just five such conditions that might well have inspired legends or bear amazing resemblance to the fantasy world. tp5diseases - Image: Porphyria – the vampire disease. Porphyria is a group of inherit

Your fantasy-inspired study playlist

Image: Pixabay [Laura Slingo | News Editor] Here’s a short playlist to transport you into the world of the fantastical. Not totally guaranteed to help you study, but it certainly might awaken that spark of creativity. ‘Wars of Faith’ – audiomachine This track is sure to place you in the land of the epic. audiomachine has produced music for some of the most iconic movie trailers and soundtracks for video games. If you haven’t spotified them yet, do so. ‘Gravity’ – Stephen Pric

Fantasy Inked

Image: Jerica P’ng [Laura Slingo | News Editor] The modern world as we know it is firmly grasped by the pulsating realm of fantasy and it seems that we are doing everything we can to become a part of it, or more accurately, to let it become a part of us. Today’s society is desperately trying to incorporate the world of the make believe, the fabricated illusions and the fantastical reveries into their lives by permanently inking fantasy’s finest element onto their skin. Here’s

Pop Art makeup Tutorial!

[Robin Duvelly | Design Editor] Base So first off, you need to start off with a fresh, clean face with no products on and apply a moisturiser. You then pick any foundation or concealer that has a matte finish and apply it all over your face to mute out your facial features, particularly the eyebrows and lips. Eyebrows Next are the eyebrows, and for this I’m using a black kohl eyeliner pencil to make my eyebrows really bold, thick and defined. Try to keep the natural shape of

BlueMoon Fantasy out now!

Our second issue of your free student magazine is now out! Our exciting fantasy theme is full of weird and wonderful content, from cosplay costumes to an interview with a Doctor Who Director! Pick up your copy of BlueMoon from the stands around campus or read it online here! #Bluemoon #Fantasy #issue

Fantasy books that everyone should read

Image: DC Comics [Betlehem Fekade | Innovation Editor] Are you a fan of Tolkien? Or have you never heard of a Lord of some Rings? Are you a Game of Thrones aficionado? Or do you not know whether the Barks of Winterfall or the Canisters of Castlily Sock should rule the Several Kingdoms? Either way, here are our top three fantasy books that we think you should read… Photo credit: Scholastic Point Northern Lights by Philip Pullman (First of the His Dark Materials trilogy) Lyra B

Super Awesome Super Mario Cupcakes

[Hannah-Rose Bicknell | Features Editor] Whether you are having a video game themed party, or feel like spicing up your cake-life, these little treats are bound to make you smile, and here’s how to do it: Ingredients for the cupcakes: 175g self-rising flour 40g cocoa powder 1 tsp baking powder 175g caster sugar 175g butter 1 tsp vanilla extract 3 large eggs 4 tbsp milk For the icing: 280g icing sugar 280g unsalted butter 200g white chocolate Green, blue and red food colourin