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One-Of-A-Kind UK #BlackLivesMatter Module Launched For MA Students At University of Hertfordshire

By Zoe Fripp The University of Hertfordshire has introduced a new module as part of their MA in Literature at Culture, inspired by the political activist movement #BlackLivesMatter. The one of its kind in the UK module, entitled ‘US Culture and #BlackLivesMatter’ means that students can now learn about the significance and contexts of the internationally recognised movement. Students will be able to examine and study contemporary cultural texts, which forms part of the moveme

Refugee Cake Sale To Be Held On 16th May On De Hav Campus

Nothing’s better than cake (well, other than helping people, of course), and at 12-2pm on the 16th May, the University of Hertfordshire will give you the best of both worlds if you come by the de Hav campus! Tomorrow, UH Students and Staff Supporting Refugees will be holding a cake sale in the Weston Auditorium which will generate funds towards their program. Established in 2016, UH Students and Staff Supporting Refugees has raised enough funds to buy a defibrillator for the

Crossing The Intersection

On February 26th, the University of Hertfordshire hosted Crossing the Intersection – Intersectionality Discussion Panel: an event that aimed to open up a discussion about intersectionality and its role in egalitarianism and conversations about social justice today. While the event didn’t have much of an audience turnout, responses from the panel and audience suggested that such a panel, and more like it, were well worth having. As the event began panelists took their seats, i

The class divide in university applications and exams reflects the insidious North-South divide

By James Lewis For the second consecutive year, the number of university applications has dropped. The number of applications from UK students has decreased by 2.6% when compared to last year’s figures, with 12,420 fewer applicants. Reasons suggested for the decline varies from rising student debts to the perceived devaluation of university degrees, but it is clear that class divide is playing a destabilising role in student applications. London is, and for a very long time h

Free Speech Fears Are Being “Whipped up”, University Leader Claims

By Zoe Fripp A University Vice Chancellor has claimed that fears about university free speech were generated to “create moral panic.” Professor Adam Tickell, from Sussex University, delivered his argument to a Parliamentary committee during an inquiry into campus free speech. The inquiry comes after former Universities Minister, Jo Johnson expressed last year that he felt free speech is limited at some universities. He said that campuses could face fines in the future from th

Born Without Racism

[Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writer] The kids shout her name as she enters the classroom and they all run over stroking her braids. I’m in a small village near the Andes in Peru with some University of Hertfordshire students on a volunteering trip, and the children are all in love with this one girl, Vicky, a black girl. They ask about her braids and why she’s got black skin in Spanish, and our translator explains to us that they’ve probably rarely or never seen a person of

Malia Bouattia Elected NUS President

Image: National Union of Students UK [Aaron Hurst | Contributing Writer] The National Union of Students’ Presidential Elections have concluded, with Malia Bouattia toppling former president Megan Dunn by 372 votes to Dunn’s 328 and being elected for the highest role in British student politics. The election took place at the annual NUS conference at the Brighton Centre in Brighton. Bouattia, who vowed at the conference to put “liberation at the heart of [the NUS’s] work,” wil

I am all for the pink tax

Image: Pixabay [Maxine Walker-Harris | Contributing Writer] Apparently women are paying more for the same products that men use, especially personal care products. I have recently found a lot of women talking about the “pink tax” and how unfair it is we have to pay more for the same products. Even the government is getting involved and ongoing petitions are calling for leading retailers to drop their prices. I am all for the the pink tax because women’s products often have di

Women should not be charged more than men

Unsplash – Martin Miranda.jpg [Hannah Bicknell | Features Editor] Should women be charged more than men? Absolutely not. It’s just adding salt to the wound after the revelation that female graduates are still being paid thousands of pounds less than men for the exact same job. It’s one thing for businesses at some point in their retail history to exploit their customers, however it’s another for them to consistently exploit based on gender. The concept where women pay more fo

Research reveals harassment and bullying of LGBT+ students and staff in colleges and universities

Image: Gratisography [Laura Slingo | News Editor] Pride and Prejudice in Education is a report produced by NUS, the Equality Challenge Unit, the Learning and Work Institute, the Skills Funding Agency and the University and College Union and the Forum for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Equality. It calls on universities and colleges to provide good quality training and support for staff. It also recommends that institutions develop an inclusive curriculum, have zero to

How much is your gender worth?

Image: Pixabay [Catie Allwright | Contributing Writer] I’m frowning to myself as I contemplate how to even go about writing this, it’s disappointing to realise that there exists enough dispute on the matter to warrant an argument. Should women be allowed to vote? Should the intra-marital rape of women be considered a crime? Should women be charged more than men? As far as I’m concerned, all three questions are utterly ridiculous with a blindingly obvious answer to anyone who

LGBT+ History Month with LGBT+ Society & Equality Office

[Jennie Couling | Contributing Writer] For some people, joining a society means a lot of hard work, dedication and time. But for those part of the LGBT+ society, the word has a completely different meaning. A night with the LBGT+ society is more like hanging out with a large group of friends. “Other Universities use it as a hook up service but we use it as a social thing,” explained Chairperson Simon George.  A typical meeting can be anything from playing card games to watchi