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Travel Time: Edinburgh

By Tom Boon It’s easy to lose track of time wandering through the medieval streets of Edinburgh. Built atop an extinct volcano, this picturesque city serves as the capital city of Scotland, and there is so much to do there that it would be impossible to say you were bored. So far this year I’ve been fortunate enough to spend an awful lot of time in this magnificent place, so I have many experiences to share. Possibly the most breathtaking thing to do in the city, which is als

Volleyball: Could it be the next big sport in England?

All images: University of Hertfordshire [Mercedes Brazier | Sports Sub Editor] Volleyball is overshadowed in England as a sport due to our overwhelming, very British, interest in Football, Rugby, Cricket and Golf. If you were to ask Europeans which sports are predominantly followed and played in the UK, their answer would be the four listed above. Volleyball is not associated with the British way of life. This is mostly because volleyball is wrongly associated with Beach Vo

The Ashes – Days 3 and 4

[Kieran Burman | Head of TV] Day 3 of the first test Australia again opened the days play at the crease, on a nice sunny morning. Opening bowler Mark Wood put early pressure on night-watchman Lyon who partnered big hitter Shane Watson. It was Watson however who fell first, being bowled LBW to Broad despite asking for a review. The night-watchman was the next to go, failing to add to his over-night total. A wicket-maiden for Wood capped off a great few opening overs for Englan

The Ashes – Day 2 of the First Test

[Kieran Burman | Head of TV] Australia came onto the field with the hopes of bowling England out in the first session of the day with Moeen Ali and Stuart Broad at the stumps – ready for the day’s play. Moeen Ali kept up yesterday’s tempo, racing to his fifty in the first few overs of the day. Broad fell  early on however, meaning Ali had to bat with the end of the tail. Ali fell shortly after Broad for 77, putting in a great shift at the end of the innings. Anderson and Wood

The Ashes – Day 1 of the first test

Image: The Sincura Group [Kieran Burman | Head of TV] A nervy start and a maiden first over was exactly what everyone in England hoped wouldn’t happen. Lyth (6) was dismissed early shortly after finding the first boundary of the series. Captain Alistair Cook and Gary Ballance got England away with a stable 36* frustrating Australia early on, who used 4 bowlers in 13 overs which included 6 fours. A huge blow for England after drinks. Alistair Cook was dismissed (bowled Lyons c

Study Abroad Blog: California Dreamin’

[Laura Slingo | Contributing Writer] Studying in another country was always going to be an extreme learning curve. However, even though I have only been in California for three months, I can safely say that is a huge understatement. At Cal State Long Beach, the way of life is exactly like it seems. In all of my classes I sit on those individual desk and chair combos, everyone is super laid back in the constant 28°C heat, and I go to house parties with many red cups. Studying