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The Elehouse: Is it Studentworthy?!

StudentWorthy usually challenges one of Trident Media’s team to try then review a service on offer at the University of Hertfordshire, like we’ve done previously with Breakout!, but we realised there was something it was missing: YOU! That’s not a threat: what we mean is, wouldn’t finding out something’s student-worthiness incorporate the actual voices of our university’s community? Of course, it would, which is why we changed it up this time around, and went on a long quest

All About The 2018 Students’ Union Elections!

By Robert Wheatley You’ve seen the posters lining the de Havilland Atrium and the hallway: it’s time for the Students’ Union Elections! The SU is nothing without a representative body, and now it’s your chance to vote who’s going to be leading it. Now that the SU Election nominations have passed, voting is now open and will continue to be until this Friday 16th, March at 2 pm, with the election results announced at 6 pm that same day. If successful, the elected officers will

Launch Of The Battle Of The Campuses

By Robert Wheatley The Battle of the Campuses’ launch on the 21st October was an immensely successful night, with tons of students getting involved in some of the outlandish activities like a rapid-fire, one-handed chicken nugget-eating contest and a few rounds of an awesomely intense Flip Cup competition that had the audience yelling in a glorifying spur of encouragement. The night started a little slow, but as soon as students overheard our host, VP Rosy Vega’s announcement

What’s On At UH? Rock & Roll Bingo

By Tom Boon Every other Tuesday, the Elehouse hosts its popular Rock and Roll Bingo. Everybody knows what bingo is, but this one has a surprising twist: the numbers are replaced with songs. Trident Media gave it a go during the weekly pub quiz last Sunday, and we were pleasantly surprised with the ease of recognising the songs. There was a mixture of current popular songs, some nostalgic, cheesy hits, and a few classic oldies. I cannot describe how excited we were to hear J-L

The Elehouse is back in business!

The EleHouse is back in business, set to open Monday the 18th September at 9am with a brand new breakfast and hot drinks menu, as well as a wonderful new logo (‘Ele’ house – geddit?) The new menu not only boasts new food options but ones suitable for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans. There’s delicious American style pancakes, a filling breakfast baguette, as well as the delight that stops us millennial’s from affording housing — avocado toast! A new selection of dri

Hatfield butcher finalist for county-wide food and drink award

[Oliver Price | News Manager] Bob’s Family Butchers, owned by Hatfield resident Mark Burley, has been placed on the finalists list of the Hertfordshire Food & Drink Awards 2016 for the Best Independent Butcher category. The winners of the competition will be announced in June. Trident Media caught up with Mark for an interview about being a butcher, life in Hatfield, and the competition. TM: Why did you become a butcher? MB: We bought the shop four and a half years ago and I’

EleHouse Open Mic Night: why you should attend

Image: April Wilson [April Wilson | TV Director] So, I had never been to an open mic night before the 25th February 2016. Yep, it’s true I was an open mic night virgin. And before I allow myself any other virgin-related imagery, I’m going to stop for all of our sakes. But seriously, I didn’t quite take into account what “open mic night” actually meant... In my mind, I was thinking that it’s just musicians playing at the EleHouse. And to be honest, yes that’s what it was, but

Take Me Out in the EleHouse

[Iqra Dahir Abdi | Contributing Writer] Our local pub hosted a night of karaoke and popular TV show game, Take Me Out. The event was organised by students to raise money for a volunteering trip to Thailand. Samantha Dukelow and Emily Stevens held the event at the EleHouse on Valentine’s Day. They both hope to travel to Thailand to teach school children and help mistreated elephants with the funds raised. The EleHouse saw a role reversal for their version of Take Me Out. There

Re-Thinking Mental Health

[Charles Smith | Contributing Writer] The Ele-House crowd witnessed another laughter-filled comedy night to raise awareness for the UH Think Project. The stand-up comedy night on 29th January was part of the UH Think Project’s scheme to help promote the awareness of mental health. This was the third stand-up comedy night to be held in the Ele-house, with many students turning out in support. The comedian line-up consisted of Joel Stern, Parag Thaker, James Cantwell, Kamran Kh

Zombie Invasion developments

[Jennie Couling | Contributing Writer] Following the announcement from Trident Media last week, students flocked to the EleHouse to be evacuated from campus after it had been reported that members of the public were behaving strangely around the College Lane area. Hertfordshire Raise and Give issued a statement saying this was due to a virus that causes the infected to “act erratically. Early signs include redness of the skin and eyes as well as internal and external bleeding

A huge success for RAG week

[Brad Johnson | Deputy Editor] After a full week of fundraising, Raise and Give’s biannual RAG Week raised just over £500! The whole team were blown away with the support from students and staff at the university. The week saw the RAG Committee host a selection of events targeting all groups of students. Most notably was the ‘Campus Collections’ on both College Lane and de Havilland; one student took home a £30 prize for raising over £15 in just five minutes. On Tuesday 14th

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