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Herts students featured on UNILAD

Shelby Loasby | VP Communications & Media Do you remember Badger Way? If not, you can read the article about Herts own rising Youtube Stars here. If you’re lazy and didn’t click on that link let me remind you. Badger Way are a YouTubing duo making some of the most random, catchy videos out there. They make comedic music videos about anything from Tomatoes and Pizza, to parodies about ‘It’s just a Prank Bro,’ and Netflix. Since we last caught up with the boys, they have releas

Instagram celebrity Munira Nur plans YouTube success

[Lashara Van Heerden | Features Editor] Instagram has revolutionised the capabilities of start-up businesses. Being dubbed an “Instagram celebrity” often comes with the opportunity to establish a following for upcoming business ventures. Munira Nur is an Instagram celebrity and has roughly 10,000, and counting, Instagram followers. Nur is known as a comedic personality with various comedic skits showcased on her Instagram page @MuniraChoco. 20-year-old Nur is in the midst of

Film Review: Grimsby

[Aaron Hurst | Contributing Writer] As a massive fan of the action comedy film genre as well as, more particularly, the work of Sacha Baron Cohen, I had been pretty excited about Cohen’s newest production, Grimsby. I for one certainly didn’t expect the man behind Ali G, Borat and Brüno, to produce a spy movie reminiscent of the Johnny English films, but that he did, and I was intrigued by the new creative direction. Grimsby possesses a collectively acclaimed cast with Rebel W

Theatre Review: Hand To God

[April Wilson | TV Director] I thought I was prepared for puppet on puppet sex… I was wrong. Before I start talking about the much documented puppet sex in Hand of God, I have to begin by saying that this play is hilarious. Seriously, stop what you are doing and go see it as soon as possible. You will not be disappointed. Hand to God is the story of a mother, who after the death of her husband, decides to run a “puppet club” as part of her local church. She enlists her son, t

Re-Thinking Mental Health

[Charles Smith | Contributing Writer] The Ele-House crowd witnessed another laughter-filled comedy night to raise awareness for the UH Think Project. The stand-up comedy night on 29th January was part of the UH Think Project’s scheme to help promote the awareness of mental health. This was the third stand-up comedy night to be held in the Ele-house, with many students turning out in support. The comedian line-up consisted of Joel Stern, Parag Thaker, James Cantwell, Kamran Kh

Live at the Hertford Theatre review

[Tom Rowe | Contributing Writer] In amongst the frightening lead up to Halloween, a select quadruple of comedians attempted to extract a wave of laughter from the frightened faces in Hertford on Saturday 25th October, with Trident Media lucky enough to attend. Boy did they deliver! The compere for the evening was the witty Tom Toal, who smoothly warmed the crowd up; perhaps making those sat on the front row regret their choice of seat. Matthew Osborn was first in line to tick

Interview with Matthew Osborn: Live at the Hertford Theatre comedian

[Tom Rowe | Contributing Writer] Coming to the Hertford Theatre this Saturday is ‘Live at the Hertford Theatre’ – a comedy night featuring award winning comedians such as Matthew Osborn. Matthew has appeared on TV shows such as Russell Howard’s Good News and even won ‘English Comedian of the Year’ in 2009. Trident Media were lucky enough to steal 15 minutes of his time, as he gave aspiring comic Tom Rowe a quick interview! Tom: To start, how long have you been doing stand up

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