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Hackney Holi Colour Beach Festival

[Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writer] “I’m sorry!” says my boyfriend as I sit there, my eyes full of orange powder paint, which he had just blasted straight at my face. It hurt a tiny bit at the time, but after a while, I saw the funny side and soon everyone was throwing colour into each other’s faces. Holi, also known as the festival of colours or the festival of sharing love, is a spring Hindu festival celebrated in Nepal and India. And this weekend, on a beautiful and cris

Seeing in colour: How can other animals see colour?

[Kat Clements | Contributing Writer] We’ve looked into tetrachromacy and colour blindness, and now it’s the animals turn! The Super-Vision: Mantis Shrimp The mantis shrimp is, uh, neither a mantis nor a shrimp. Obviously. They are also called sea locusts, which they… aren’t. They’re crustaceans, growing to a maximum of 15 inches in length, and found in shallow tropical and subtropical marine environments. There are several subspecies, with different properties, and they have

Seeing in colour: Colour Blindness

[Kat Clements | Contributing Writer] In the first part of “Seeing in colour” we looked at the myths surrounding tetrachromacy. On the other end of the spectrum, we talk a lot about colour blindness. Any time someone fails to distinguish two colours we see as distinct, we accuse them of being colour blind, in much the same way as people who can’t sing are referred to as tone-deaf. Both appellations are inaccurate; a colour-blind person is just as capable of distinguishing most

Seeing in colour: The Tetrachromacy myths

[Kat Clements | Contributing Writer] There’s a lot of myths and misinformation about seeing in colour. From online tests claiming to diagnose you with colour-blindness or tetrachromacy, to “fun fact” lists circulating lies or half-truths about people or animals who see colour differently, the internet – as always – is a mixed blessing. So we’ve rounded up a few of the biggest or coolest facts about colour vision for you to check out. Let’s start with the basics… How do we see