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Coffee on drip? Yes please

[Huriyah Quadri | Print Editor] The London Coffee Festival has recently risen in popularity with almost 35,000 attendees this year. Trident Media paid the Festival a visit to see what the fuss was about and for an excuse to drink ridiculous amounts of coffee. Image credit: Huriyah Quadri | Latte art We were welcomed by the wafting aroma of delicious coffee, or so I’d like to think, my nose was actually blocked due to the freezing weather. Surprised to find children about – an

Rainy day ramble: Keep fit through the English summer

[Caz Ataman | Contributing Writer] Weight loss and rain. Not a good mix. If you are like me or really any sane person you are probably huddled up under a blanket or duvet with some chocolate, (or your preferred treat of choice) enjoying a good movie and/or the latest season of your fave TV show. Who can blame you! With English summers rivalling that of the monsoon season in Arizona, ‘Duvet Days’ are now a staple in any young person’s year. However, as we girls know all too we

Recipe: BlueMoon’s Chocolate Mug Cake

[Kealie Mardell | Print Editor] 5 steps, 5 minutes, and a tasty treat for the perfect revision break! Ingredients 1 mug 4 tbsp. self-rising flour 4 tbsp. caster sugar 2 tbsp. cocoa powder 1 egg 3 tbsp. milk 3 tbsp. oil Optional Extras: Why not add chocolate chips, a splash of vanilla or a dollop of peanut butter? Method 1) Grab your mug and mix together the dry ingredients (flour, sugar and cocoa) 2) Add the milk and egg, mix well to form a big chocolatey glob 3) Finish with

DECHOX Blogs: 12 Days In

[Mercedes Brazier | Sports Sub Editor] 12 days, 17 hours and 13 minutes. Its been a long 12 days; with assignments due, language tests, reading, and weekly work to do, giving up my LRC snack has been tougher than I thought! I first told my housemates after signing up for this task, as I assumed they would try and talk me out of it before I had committed to the idea. They try and talk me out of a lot; like when I tried to give up dairy, and the time I tried to cut out the dedi

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