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August 24th – Pluto Demoted Day

[Laura Noakes | Deputy Editor] I don’t know about you, but I’m still pretty upset that Pluto is no longer a planet – it completely wrecked my childhood way of remembering the planets (My Very Efficient Memory Just Summed Up Nine Planets)! Poor, poor Pluto got the worst demotion ever on the 24th August 2006 when it was officially re-classified as a dwarf planet, rather than a planet. The upside to Pluto’s demotion is that August 24th is now a great day to get geeky about Space

19th August: Aviation Day

[Matt Yeoman | Contributing Writer] Whether you have experience of flying yourself, a seasoned traveller or are just terrified, you will most likely be somewhat fascinated by the concept of flying. As a student pilot, I am not a stranger to the pull of the skies and the unlimited freedom you feel when you’re at the controls. Being a keen flyer myself, I decided writing about Aviation day would be great of getting people more aware of the joys of the sky and giving everyone an

10th August: National Lazy Day

[Amy Parry | Contributing Writer] The 10th of August is National Lazy Day; this day is dedicated to doing absolutely nothing so take this opportunity to hit the pause button and escape from any work, chores or activities that actually involve moving a body part. Sit back, relax and let your body and mind rest. To all you stress heads out there, this day is especially for you! If you are constantly thinking about work, going to the gym to pump weights or even thinking about wh

7th August: Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day

[Brad Johnson | Vice President Communications & Media] Although situated in the middle of the year, no where near Easter or Christmas, particularly preposterous packaging can still put a stain on your day all throughout the year. The packaging not only drains your energy and wastes time in your already busy day, it also creates an abundance of extra rubbish that your local council probably won’t even take away as it not the ‘correct’ type of plastic. It has even been reported