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Antidepressants Gave Me My Life Back, And That’s Not A Bad Thing

This article was originally written for The Odyssey Online and has been posted here with the author’s permission. I’d had enough of the constant nerves riddling my mind, the constant sickness in my stomach and the fogginess that would creep up on me. In all honesty, I had given up on my therapy. Not because my counselor was bad — she was excellent — but in a state of anxiety and depression coupled with panic attacks, it felt impossible to focus on the tasks given in my cognit

Breakout! Harry Potter Party: Is It StudentWorthy?

By Robert Wheatley StudentWorthy is a segment in which a student looks at the stuff going on at the University of Hertfordshire, to see if it’s really worth your $$. Last week, we interviewed Breakout!‘s Harry Potter Party event organisers, Josh Watson and Luke Osborne, to find out what was in store for lovers of magic (and nights out). While The Trident was a little disappointed to find that the theming was a little less than Hogwarts-worthy, and the merchandise give-away pr

Critique Point: ‘Get Out’

By Lara Owolabi I usually watch trailers to films I want to see (because who doesn’t love a little anticipation before watching a movie?) but, for Get Out, I didn’t watch any of the trailers. Honestly, this one time, I’m glad I didn’t. Before we get into this review, I would just like to say EVERYTHING about this horror-satirical film has a meaning. In its simplest form, the film is about an African American male, his white girlfriend and their interesting (to say the least)

5 Top Tips To Maintain Good Mental Health At University

By Pelumi Agboola It’s about three weeks in and Freshers has passed, lectures have kicked off, assignments and reading are flying your way, you’ve only just recovered from the dreaded fresher’s flu, and you’re feeling very overwhelmed. Sound familiar? Well, if you’re like me and many others, the thought of lectures make you feel anxious, and deadlines just seem too close, which gives you a lot of stress. Whether you’re a first year, a second year, or even a Master’s or intern

#NationalComingOutDay: I’m Constantly Coming Out As A Member Of The LGBTQ+ Community

This article was originally written for The Odyssey Online, and has been posted here with the author’s permission. My coming out experience with my parents was accidental. Kind of. As queer folks tend to do, I initially came out to close friends; my friends at secondary school and people I knew wouldn’t judge me for it. The response I have received to coming out has mostly been incredibly supportive, and I cannot downplay just how lucky I’ve been. See, I’d wanted to come out

Student Spotlight: Tom Boon

Student Spotlight interviews undergraduates, postgraduates and other academics about their schooling achievements, be it studying abroad, running a society or finishing a work placement. Employers aren’t just looking for a degree and a good mark: work experience, according to UCAS, is sought out by two-thirds of employers when looking for graduates, to ensure they have a greater understanding of their chosen field. Some university courses even require it, so getting on top of

Trident Spotlight: Matt Dowse Live!

By Robert Wheatley Each month, Trident Media will be highlighting one of its many Radio shows, Print segments and TV productions to give our readers some insight into the diverse content we’ve got available. Sometimes when you’re studying, on the commute to work, or in the midst of chores, you want some background ambience, and music just isn’t cutting it. Say hello to the world of podcasts: a supremely diverse audio-based entertainment that can be anything from educational s

LinkedIn: Dos and Don’ts

Image: Pixabay [Raymond Adekolu | Contributing Writer] Have you ever wondered what to do on LinkedIn, to maximize your success in connecting with others? In what follows, you with discover the five mistakes people make on LinkedIn that are killing their success when connecting with others, and five things that you can adopt to improve your success in connecting with others. 1) Do: have a professional profile picture I know this sounds like common sense, but it seems as though

Sex and the Univercity: Sexual experiments

Image: Pixabay [Anonymous writer] What is a sexual experiment? I mainly think of the obvious which is, of course, experimenting with boys and girls (nothing wrong with that; I did it, and it stuck), but it goes so much further than just kissing someone of the same sex. As I write this, I can feel my toes curling, and I’m cringing and sweating because I am a self-confessed prude but hey ho, what can you do? I think many of us are scared to experiment sexually because we are af

Herts Alumna Zahida Khatoon talks about nursing

Image: Obeda Khanam [Huriyah Quadri | Print Editor] Nurses play a vital part in our healthcare system. They provide essential services across hospitals, care homes and even schools. University of Hertfordshire’s Zahida Khatoon graduated from her Nursing course in 2015 and is now a nurse at Lister Hospital. Trident Media spoke to Khatoon to find out what nursing life is like behind the scenes and how her time at Herts has contributed towards her career. TM: When did you decide

Student Raymond Adekolu launches online communication service

Image: Robert Wheatley [Robert Wheatley | Lifestyle Editor] For a business to be successful nowadays, networking is key. If a company wants an employee with certain skills they can start hiring, or they can network in their industry, but is it that simple for those wanting to start their own business without such connections? University of Hertfordshire student, Raymond Adekolu, wants to help encourage those that wish to become self-employed with Partner-Up, a platform that w

Dissertation Disasters (and how to avoid them!)

Image: Tim Gouw [Catie Allwright | Contributing Writer] I spoke to five graduates from around the country about their experiences, any catastrophes they overcame and any tips for those still climbing their diss-Everest. Meet the survivors: Edward Durcan, Sound Art & Design graduate (2015) from London College of Communication. Kathryn Millard, BSc (Hons) in Adult Nursing graduate (2015) from De Montfort University. Heidi Gardner, MSci Pharmacology with Industrial Placement gra

Flying the nest: A first hand account of Freshers’

[Sarah Bennett | Media and Societies Coordinator] I know over the next few days people will be finding out their A Level results. This means they’ll find out which university they are going to, where they’ll be living, and what exactly they’ll be studying. But I also know that not everyone will get what they expect. Hopefully my story can give a little perspective to those who are worried. I found out which university I was going to before I’d even received my results, becaus

Latitude Festival 2015: Festival Goer Interviews

[Tobi Olasupo | Photography Manager] Latitude had 35,000 people in attendance for their 10th birthday celebration, people of all ages from all over came to witness the grand festival. During Latitude, Trident Media spoke to a few people at random to get an insight of people’s university experiences and what advice they would give to those starting in the future. The three parties that were interviewed went to university at different times. Firstly we spoke to a couple called

Top Tweets: Trident Media followers share #FirstYearAdvice

We recently invited our followers to join in with the #FirstYearAdvice trend on Twitter. With many students planning the start of their university experience this September, it was time for the more experienced students to share their top tips for the new freshers. Here’s what they had to say! @TridentMediaUK you only need 40%. Go have fun. — Benjamin Fox (@The_Flasherman) June 5, 2015 @TridentMediaUK have fun with your friends, but if you want to do a placement/study abroad

6 things I wish I could say to my Fifteen Year Old Self

[Chloe Burrowes | Contributing Writer] As we come to the end of another university year, I find myself older and in some ways wiser! Although I’m most definitely not in complete control of my life, I feel I have learnt enough to give my fifteen year old self some advice. From fashion to friends, one thing is for sure; I definitely needed some help! 1) Friends Aren’t Always Forever The best bit of advice that I could give to you is that the people around you probably aren’t as

Meet your Students’ Union: Student Advice & Support

[Aisha Kasmani | Contributing Writer] We spoke with Faith Goligher from Hertfordshire Students’ Union Advice and Support Centre about her experiences and the services they provide. UniVerse: Tell us about you and what you do for the Students’ Union? Faith Goligher: Well, I have been here for just over two years and I am a student welfare advisor and as a service we provide free and confidential advice and support about basically anything. We like to consider ourselves as the

Getting passionate about first class degrees with Nathan Ghann

[Kealie Mardell | Print Editor] Nathan Ghann graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a first class degree in Economics and Marketing, and has dedicated his passion and commitment to helping other students around the country reach their first class goals. Selected as one of the Top Ten Most Outstanding Graduates in the UK, Nathan’s journey has seen success in founding the Herts Entrepreneurs society, his own business, and delivering inspirational talks to thousands